Football is back: Who is your quarterback?

As a Philadelphian for almost 40 years, Carson Wentz is my quarterback. However, my all-time favorite quarterback is Peyton Manning.

But regardless of who your favorite NFL or college quarterback is, the purpose of this article is to go beyond football and discuss the importance of having a financial quarterback.

So, who is your Financial QB?

The financial side of any family unit is a lot like the financial side of a business. In both cases, crucial decisions must be made about spending, saving, investing and planning for future growth. And if you’re like most working professionals, your strength is in leading and inspiring people — not in tackling the financial details.

Just as with your business, you and your family need a financial leader who can present you with good financial ideas, act as a sounding board, create a financial road map, and work with you to ensure that you are hitting your goals.

Welcome the Personal CFO.

A good quarterback doesn’t win the game on their own; it isn’t just about the number of long touchdown passes he throws, it’s often more in single digit yard gains, the smaller steps that, when pieced together, combine to make a winning season. Consider working with someone who can help you and your family manage your big picture goals, break them down into bitesize pieces, create purposeful plans, help you commit to those plans and then hold you accountable for ticking off those yards.

We all could use a little motivation and guidance to help us achieve our goals and dreams. A Personal CFO goes beyond the world of hopes and dreams and makes things happen for you by creating a comprehensive, integrated, and actionable plan, with considerations for your cash needs, investment strategies, tax efficiency and legacy. A Personal CFO can act as your QB to really get to know you and your family’s goals and to help manage any obstacles you may face.

The fall brings cooler temperatures, football and more structured days. As you return to weekends with the windows open watching your favorite teams, consider Your Team, and your family and maybe it is time to engage with a financial quarterback of your own.

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