Animal attack sparks coyote conversation among DI residents

What appeared to be a small animal attack on the back porch of a Daniel Island home on June 30 sparked some concerns on social media about coyote sightings.

Island resident Kristin Lysik explained that her husband discovered bloodied stairs, a screen and other damage on their porch just after 10 p.m.

“My husband went to take the dogs out back for a walk and he saw blood all over our back steps, the screen all bloodied and torn up and the wood trim around the door frame torn off. Two of the door rails were also broken,” said Lysik.

Despite some chatter on the Daniel Island Moms Facebook page that the animal in question may have been a coyote, local authorities do not believe that is the case.

“We called the police and three officers showed up,” added Lysik. “They felt that the attack was caused by a raccoon.”

Luckily, Lysik’s animals were left unharmed.

“Our theory is that the [animal] got in, made it over to the cat bowl and that is when our cat discovered it and chased it out,” said Lysik. “Otherwise the footprints would have had to be our cat leaving, coming back and leaving again and we just know that wouldn’t have happened. There was no blood on our pets at all.”

Vice President of Community Services for the Daniel Island POA Jane Baker explained that the office had not received any calls or emails regarding coyotes this year but urged residents to contact the SCDNR if one is spotted near their property.

According to a message from the SCDNR about living wildlife and pets, there are several ways to “minimize the potential for undesirable interactions.” They are listed as follows:

1. All pet foods should be properly stored in an enclosed area, such as garage or house.

2. Never leave pet bowls for food and water outside for extended periods of time.

3. Make certain all outside pets are secured in a gated or enclosed area.

4. Ensure all garbage containers are securely fastened and located in an enclosed area.

5. Never intentionally feed squirrels, deer, fox and especially alligators.

Baker added that if a nuisance animal is located in common areas for an extended period of time, residents should call the DIPOA at (843) 971-9200.

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