The best catch isn't always in the water!

Last week, a rare lunar event occurred. A super, blue and blood moon is something to behold. However, the rare lunar event made fishing a challenge. Unusually high tides throughout the week had trout and redfish on the move. It was exceedingly difficult to locate and stay on the fish. Add strong currents and poor water quality, due to the high tides, and the odds were stacked against catching fish.

Regardless of the odds, I decided to fish on Sunday. It was a bad idea. Rain made for damp, cool and uncomfortable conditions. Gale force winds made fishing unsafe and just plain stupid. Of course, no one ever called me smart. While launching the skiff, a passerby looked at me and laughed. Even Elliott, my son and constant fishing partner, refused to go. Yet, go I did. Thankfully, the ill-advised fishing trip was a short one. Fishing is supposed to be fun. On Sunday, it was unsafe and no fun. So, I went home (without catching a fish) and took my lovely wife to brunch. Turns out, she is the best catch of all!

This week, conditions are forecast to improve. Tides will return to their normal range. Warmer weather and lighter winds should make fishing fun again. If the forecast holds true, I plan to spend the bulk of the week on the water. Hopefully, I might even catch a fish or two!

After a week of rare lunar event and unusual tide conditions, fish will return to their normal haunts and I expect them to be very hungry. Fishing will be very good. If by chance it is not, there is always brunch!

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