Captain's Island trespassing

The POA has become increasingly concerned over the past several weeks about the number of kids and even adults coming to Captain’s Island (near the end of Rhoden Island Drive in Daniel Island Park) to jump off of the bridge into the creek. On many occasions, staff and residents have witnessed this activity.

“We want our families on Daniel Island, including our kids, to know that there is a great potential for major injury by jumping off of the bridge to Captain’s Island,” stated a POA message to the community. “While the City of Charleston Police Department and the Daniel Island POA cannot legally prohibit anyone from jumping off of the bridge, we can enforce any trespassing onto POA or privately-owned property.”

There are presently four “No Trespassing” signs on all corners of the bridge, as well on the privately-owned Captain’s Island boat dock.

“Our intent is to bring awareness of potential injury that could result from jumping off of the bridge,” continued the POA announcement. “For example, at low tide, the depth could be as low as 5 feet and the creeks contain numerous oyster beds, and alligators. In addition, unanticipated passing boats can lead to severe jumper injury. We are pleading with you to please speak to your children about this dangerous activity as you are our frontline of defense in eliminating any potential major injury by teaching your children about this danger.”

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