Changing conditions necessitate angler adjustments

For the next few weeks, changing conditions will make fishing a bit more challenging.

The increasing passage of cold fronts and dropping water temperatures have the fish transitioning into their winter habits. During the transition, it can be difficult to determine where the fish will be and what the fish will eat. However, the fishing should still be pretty good. Especially, if you make a few adjustments to your fishing techniques.

In the winter, I switch to smaller profile lures like the Z-Man TRD and TubeZ on a NedlockZ jig. These lures are particularly effective in post-cold front conditions.

Typically, as the front passes, it is followed by clear blue skies, a cold northeasterly breeze and a rapidly rising barometer. In these conditions, look for Trout to be hunkered down in deeper areas of the creeks.

A good Fish Finder is an invaluable tool in the winter. Rather than casting blindly and hoping for a bite, I recommend locating the Trout and then vertical jigging the TRD or TubeZ right on top of them.

My wife, Amy, and I used this technique to great effect over the weekend. While looking for the Trout with my Fish Finder, we passed several boats. Each one told us the fishing was off and they had yet to catch a fish. We wished them luck and kept on searching.

It took a while but we eventually figured out the Trout were holding on ledges in 15 feet of water. Once a school was located, we dropped our lures straight down and imparted a slow jigging motion. The strike was extremely light and difficult to feel but we released a bunch of Trout. Most were small but we did not mind. After a busy Thanksgiving week, we were happy to have some quiet time together on the new skiff.

As conditions change, our fishing techniques should change as well. Anglers that are flexible and adjust to the conditions will usually catch more fish. So as winter approaches, switch to lighter tackle and smaller lures. Change is good!

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