'Charlie' is April's top dog on Daniel Island!

There is a new top dog on Daniel Island! The Daniel Island Property Owners Association (POA) has announced the latest winner in the “Dogs of Daniel Island” photo contest. Charlie, an apparently agile Golden Retriever, won over voters on the My Island Town Facebook Page to earn the competition’s ultimate prize in April. In addition to being featured in this issue of The Daniel Island News, Charlie will receive a $25 gift card to Lucia’s Premium Pet and a special shout-out on social media.

The Daniel Island POA loved Charlie’s obvious mischievous spirit and natural curiosity! They asked his owner (and part-time Daniel Island resident) John Edwards to share more about his squirrel-loving best friend:

How did Charlie come to join your family?

Charlie joined our family nearly eight years ago in Canada. We live part time on Grand Manan Island in the Bay of Fundy in the Province of New Brunswick. We had recently lost our pet and, while in mourning, a friend mentioned they knew a family who had just gained 11 puppies from their Golden Retriever. Over the course of the six-week incubating period we visited and selected the puppy we wanted and tied a ribbon on him. The next several times we returned to find each puppy ribbonless and selected another puppy (or the same one). Eventually we selected one that kept his ribbon on for a week — Charlie. We took him home and proudly paraded him around to see all our friends.

When/how did Charlie come to be a dog of Daniel Island?

Charlie is a Daniel Island dog when we are here (Dec. 30th – in time for Tom and Florence’s New Year Party – through May 31st when we return to Grand Manan). We moved here with Charlie about six years ago and love it – especially the Bishop England leisure trail area where Charlie can run free and not worry about cars.

What are some of Charlie’s favorite ways to spend time on Daniel Island?

Charlie loves squirrel chasing (that’s how he climbed the tree in the picture), taking long walks with his “Dad” and cuddling on the lawn after a midnight walk. He also likes to gather baseballs, tennis balls, soft balls and Lacrosse balls (guess where he finds most of his collection?). He likes to socialize with adults, children and “his own kind” on our walks together. Charlie is patient with other dogs, both big and very small. Many dog owners know Charlie – sometimes they even know me. Charlie also enjoys walks by the river and swimming after tennis balls.

What do you like about having a dog on Daniel Island?

I enjoy the ability to take long walks with Charlie. The many trails (leisure and hiking) provide a safe space for him.

What is Charlie’s favorite treat, toy or game?

Charlie’s favorite game is “tug.” He will approach me, pull his leash out of my pocket and push it into my hand. We have a game of tug that lasts for several minutes. A second favorite game is “keep away” where Charlie teases me with a stick or a ball and avoids me as I try to catch him and take away his “prize.”

Tell us more about your photo submission?

Charlie was in the park on Bounty Street walking and saw a squirrel. He sneaked up on it and gave chase. The squirrel zigged and zagged and finally took a sharp turn and ran up the tree in the picture. Charlie, with the squirrel clearly (and only) in sight, followed the creature right up the tree. When the squirrel ran further up the tree on a limb too small for Charlie’s girth, he stopped and posed.

What tip you can give to others submitting their photos for the Dogs of Daniel Island Photo Contest?

Have your camera or cell phone ready whenever walking your dog – one never knows what will catch his/her eye and lead to an interesting picture. Take several shots in rapid succession and there might be one in the bunch that is “just perfect” for contest entering.

How will Charlie celebrate being April’s Dog of Daniel Island?

Charlie will, in all probability, celebrate by taking a long “smell walk” (I let him walk where his nose leads him at least once a week) and, while involved with smells, catch the scent of a squirrel and take off after it – and, perhaps, give me an opportunity for another interesting “Charlie Picture” (I have several hundred of them)!

Is there a favorite story or fact about Charlie that you’d like to share?

When Charlie was about four months old, a young girl knocked on our door to show us her new puppy – a four week old puppy that had been taken from its owner due to maltreatment and was squealing, due to being taken from its mother. The puppy was so young its eyes were barely open. Charlie laid down next to it, pulled it to his chest with his paws and held it until it stopped squealing.

Submissions for the Dogs of Daniel Island Photo Contest seem to get better and better with each passing month – and the Daniel Island POA is so happy to see so many owners and pets participating! Do you have a dog who enjoys living and playing on Daniel Island? Send in your best friend’s best shot! Click here for entry details and submit your photos to dogs@danielisland.com.

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