Daniel Island Jobs group provides hope during pandemic

Linnea Wieland is a busy woman, running a landscape design and plant procurement business. But after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March, she decided that she needed to act for the community. 
Wieland started a Facebook community called Daniel Island Jobs in March in reaction to business shutdowns and job losses that were affecting the local community. 
“Businesses were feeling the impact and residents were beginning to lose their jobs. A Facebook group seemed like a great way to bring employees that are hiring and job seekers in our community together quickly,” she said.
With 765 new members added since it launched, the group’s membership has grown steadily. “I get three to five join requests daily,” Wieland said. 
The group’s goal is simple. “The mission is to give employees and job seekers who live and/or work on Daniel Island or along the Clements Ferry corridor a venue for finding each other,” she said. 
Daniel Island Jobs provides community residents with an invaluable resource during a time when social-distancing and an economy that has been trending downwards since COVID-19 has increased the challenge for many to access employment opportunities.
While Wieland encourages growth for the online community, she also aims to limit the geographical scope of the group. 
“I want employers to benefit from having employees that work nearby,” she said.
“Daniel Island Jobs is for employers whose businesses are located on Daniel Island and along the Clements Ferry corridor and those who currently live and/or work in those areas who are looking for employment,” according to the group’s Facebook page. 
Wieland, a proactive leader, is attempting to further build the group’s base by reaching out to hiring managers throughout Daniel Island. 
“I will be reaching out to the hiring managers of island businesses, especially the larger employers like Blackbaud. We want to make sure companies like these know about Daniel Island Jobs and post their listings in our group,” she said. 
She also actively promotes the Daniel Island Jobs through the Clements Ferry Parkway Community Page. With over 3,000 members in that group, the page provides increased exposure. The group also is supported on community social media pages Daniel Island
Moms, Daniel Island Women in Business, and the Daniel Island Neighborhood Forum. 
“If anyone knows of a business association in Clements Ferry, I’d like to reach out to them as well,” Wieland said. 
The overall impact of Daniel Island Jobs will continue to be felt as the group grows, Wieland said. “We’ll have more employers hiring local people and more residents with local jobs at the end of the day.”
Wieland, who said she enjoys volunteering in her free time, encourages volunteers to help with the forum. Residents interested in helping out should contact Wieland at lwieland11@gmail.com.

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