Daniel Island Pet Palooza!

We asked our readers to provide photographs of their beloved pets, along with short stories about what makes them special. And doggone it - they delivered! Thanks to all who shared their fur babies with us!

PENNY by Suzanna D’Amaral

Penny the model doesn’t realize how photogenic she really is. She is a rescue from the Doc Williams Shelter and has won everyone’s heart. She’s such a gentle and loving companion. The best memory I have of her showing me she really cared was when my daughter was going through chemo treatment. After a treatment she started to have a panic attack and Penny rushed to her side to try to calm her. Petting Penny was enough to calm and break her attack. Penny never once left her side.

SEBASTIAN by Jane-Mary Gay

Sebastian has never met a stranger. Rabbits are shy, retiring, and scared of their shadow, aren’t they? Well, if you think that, you obviously never met Sebastian! Sebastian is our white Californian rabbit who never feared a stranger, nor met one. We discovered that when he introduced himself to my children and me in an aisle of a pet store as he meandered ‘introducing’ himself to folks he hoped would take him home. And we did!

BAILEY by Alie Maus

This is Bailey. She is a good girl. Bailey’s hobbies include being adorable, going on walks, and watching The Bachelorette. Her biggest pet peeve is babies crying. She prefers to have all of the attention. Bailey’s company is adored by all. She has a distinctive personality that is both spunky and loving. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Bailey radiates love. When I get home from school, I know I will be welcomed by her paws at the door. Bailey is not only loving, but vigilant as well. As I type this, she is actively protecting the family from a menacing frog at the window. Her bravery is unwavering. Her courage as she protects our home is astounding. I have the pleasure of sleeping in the same bed as her every night, and sharing the same home with her every day. She truly is a blessing. With this article, I hope to share just a fraction of joy I get from the privilege of knowing the wonderful Bailey.

NOVA by Barbara Van Notric

Nova is our 12-year-old English lab who has two loves, “retrieving” and “food”! When she realized that going out to get the newspaper would result in a treat, so began a 5 year daily routine that makes everybody happy. She gets the reward she wants, and we avoid the cold and rain and our neighbors seeing us with bed-head. Her favorite day of the week is Thursday because she gets to pick up the Post & Courier and the DI News! We’ve become good friends with our DI News delivery folks, Carrie & John Blackburn, and when they realized it was my birthday, they left the DI News on my front porch with a birthday balloon attached. When I opened the front door, Nova ran to get the paper. While she wasn’t quite sure what to think about the balloon that was attached, that didn’t deter her from grabbing that newspaper and bringing it to me. Thanks DI News for a special memory!

SASHA By Kelley Regan

This pretty girl is Sasha. She came to me through GRRCC in Charlotte. Her birthday is May 25, 2013. I moved to Daniel Island on May 25, 2019. It’s a GOD thing - DOG spelled backwards. I love living on Daniel Island. The community is so friendly and welcoming! I am very blessed that my employer allows Sasha to come to work with me every day. Sasha was rescued from an older couple who had her penned up in their backyard in a 20 x 20 crate for 5 1/2 years. She is learning how to trust human interaction, other sweet dogs, and a cage free life. How could there possibly be a better place on earth for this beautiful girl to experience all of the joys, outdoor walking trails, and freedom that Daniel Island has to offer? I cannot wait to walk my Sasha to Daniel Island Grille!

POSEY by Don Pearsall

Posey, a Golden Retriever, is 11 1/2 and enjoys her toys. She has been with my wife and me since she was 6 weeks old. She is a great companion and loves taking walks around Smythe Park.

MADDIE by Yvonne Michel

Maddie, a 12-year-old rescue, looks so pretty lounging on the porch chair with pillow. She has lived on Daniel Island with me for the last 10 years. We still walk every day - morning, noon, and night.

BENTLEY by Teresa De Castro

Bentley is a 6-year-old mutt who grew up in the mountains of North Carolina but, over the last year and a half, has become a beach dog through and through! He loves heading over to IOP early in the morning to watch the sun rise with his paws in the sand. Bentley has a ton of friends on Daniel Island. His mom, Teresa, runs a dog sitting business from their home so there are always extra paws around the house! He loves having his friends over, and has learned how to share his toys, his couch, and his days with pups of all shapes and sizes! When he does get a day alone with mom, they love to go to the dog park and play fetch, then stop by Lucia’s for a bath and a treat before heading home!

BENTLEY by Beckie Davey

Bentley the Boisterous. Bentley hangs out with his favorite people, Emily and Caroline. Bentley is a Goldendoodle who turned one on June 25. He has brought so much joy to our family. He is very friendly with every person and dog he meets. Bentley loves to play tug, chase a ball and chew things up. His favorite pastime is pulling apart old towels. His favorite place to sit is on the sofa where he can see out the front window. If someone else is in his spot, he will just jump up and lay on him. Bentley loves car rides, especially when going to pick the girls up at school. He hangs his head out the window hoping to be pet by anyone walking by.

TIGGER by Susan W. Rothberg

Tigger, our Gentle Giant. When my husband, Andy, first met Tigger he had been in a shelter for a year and a half! I think this is what caused him to be such a large cat. He’s a beautiful stripped tiger-like cat who weighs about 19 pounds. He’s cuddly with us, but standoffish to others. He chases and plays with our other black cat, Ozzy, who was a feral cat. They say that animals can sense what their owners are going through. I think this is what makes Tigger so unique. When my husband dealt with cancer three times, Tigger was always by his side. “Tigger helped me get through it all,” he often says. Also, when we had to put our third cat, Sugar Plum, to sleep recently, both cats sensed the loss as much as we did. Tigger would often sleep on the couch at night and Sugar used to sleep between the two of us. When she was no longer with us Tigger knew just what to do. Our Gentle Giant took over the nighttime ritual and started sleeping with us. Tigger loves his treats. He deserves every single bit. We can’t imagine our lives without him.

MURRAY by Tara and Kyle Pittman

Our furry Bill Murray! Bill “Murray” Pittman (aka Murray) is a 7(ish)-year-old stray we rescued from the Sumter SPCA in December 2016. He is named after everyone’s favorite local celebrity. He doesn’t sit or lie down on command, but always obeys “to the left,” when we come to intersections during his daily strolls on the Daniel Island trails. His favorite snacks are cheese and carrots, he runs circles around the couch with a stuffed pig in his mouth anytime he gets anxious, and he sleeps with his head on the pillow and both paws wrapped around the arm of either his mom or dad (depending on which parent seems worthier that day). He’s the happiest little man, but hides it well thanks to a snaggle tooth that often leaves him looking like grumpy fella. His two favorite activities are car rides and hiking. If the terrain gets too rough, he prefers to enjoy nature from the comfort of his backpack. He has been to countless SC state parks and the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. His goal for 2019 is to become part of the National Parks B.A.R.K Ranger program. You can follow his adventures on Instagram by checking out #furrymurray.

COOPER by Stephanie Mackara

Cooper is a soon to be 4-year-old mixed hound. We rescued him at 5-weeks-old from Palmetto Paws. We believe he is a Bluetick Coonhound American Husky mix. Cooper’s favorite things to do are going to the beach, going for runs/walks and chasing squirrels. He also loves to hang with his family and give lots of kisses. His favorite place to visit on Daniel Island is Bellinger Island. During the day he lets himself outside to hang on the back porch so he can dream about chasing squirrels and his next walk. We can’t image our life without him!

LOU by Thelms Harvey

Lou loves everyone at the 225 Seven Farms Drive building and wants immediate recognition from her friends. She has special neighbors, like Mr. Jim and Ms. Kathleen. She loves taking their newspaper to them in the mornings. Lou is a standard, black female poodle and is 4-years-old.

OLIVER by Mia Alvarez

My dog is my best friend in the whole wide world! His name is Oliver and he is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a mix of poodle. He knows how to sit, come, and bow. He is the cutest, most beautiful dog ever! He is fun-loving and very energetic. Oliver is the fastest runner that I know and he gives great cuddles. He has tan and white fur that is perfectly curled. To me, he is the greatest puppy on earth. We call him Ollie, Ollie Bear, Bear, and Bear Bear. We call him Bear the most often.

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