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In recognition of the upcoming President’s Day holiday, we thought it might be a fitting time to showcase the leaders of some of Daniel Island’s clubs and organizations. There are dozens of groups that meet here each month and they are an integral part of what makes this island town an active, thriving community. From local history lovers, to fishing and flying enthusiasts, to clubs that put service above self, just about every hobby and interest is covered. Below, meet the presidents of seven Daniel Island-based clubs and find out what they hope the new year brings to their respective organizations.


Daniel Island Historical Society

Hometown: New Jersey

Years on Daniel Island: 7

Family: Wife - Diane

Profession: Retired Marketing Executive

Goals for DIHS during your term: Present interesting and relevant historical programs for the local community and to continue to provide historical outreach programs to the Daniel Island and Cainhoy schools.

What is the mission of your organization? The mission of the Daniel Island Historical Society is to preserve and promote Daniel Island’s rich and unique history for the benefit of the community by sharing the island’s “story” with both visitors and residents. What year was your organization established? We held our first programs for the community in 2011, but officially established as a non-profit organization in 2012.

When does your organization meet? We present six formal programs per year at the Church of the Holy Cross on the third Tuesday of September, October, November, February, March and May. The meetings start at 7:00 p.m. and all are invited.

If someone is interested in joining, who should they contact? Fred Klare, Membership Chairman – Fklare@gmail.com or go to our website http://dihistoricalsociety.com/membership/.


Daniel Island Neighborhood Association

Hometown: Born in Louisville, Kentucky; Moved to DI from Philadelphia, PA.

Years on Daniel Island: 5

Family: Wife, Dolores – four daughters and four grandchildren (three granddaughters and one grandson) all of whom are located in the Northeast and Midwest.

Profession: Retired in 2000 as Vice President, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Inc. (Princeton, NJ and NYC) and again retired in 2002 as Senior Vice President, Phoenix House Foundation, Inc. (NYC).

Goals for DINA during your term: The new Daniel Island Neighborhood Association officers just took over on February 13 so they are in process of goal development. However, two goals that have already been discussed are (1) to strengthen the organization by increasing the membership in the organization and (2) to provide timely and informative programming on issues and development activities that impact residents.

What is the mission of your organization? The Daniel Island Neighborhood Association (DINA) exists to be a civic voice for Daniel Island and all its residents. The strength of DINA rests on the commitment of its membership. DINA’s purpose is to represent the interests of all Daniel Island residents; to communicate information from Berkeley County and City of Charleston; to keep all informed of significant developments affecting Daniel Island; and to foster a sense of community and cooperation among the residents of Daniel Island.

What year was your organization established? 1998

When does your organization meet? Meet six times a year at The Church of the Holy Cross. Doors open at 6:30 pm and the meeting begins at 7:00 pm. Upcoming meeting dates are April 4, June 6, September 5, November 7 and December 5.

If someone is interested in joining, who should they contact? Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Chair of the Membership Committee at membership@dineighborhoodassociation.org or attend any meeting. For additional information on the club, visit www.dineighborhoodassociation.org.


Daniel Island Exchange Club

Hometown: Born in Aiken, SC and raised in Camden, SC. Graduated from The Citadel in 1971 with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

Years on Daniel Island: 15 months

Family: Married to the former Sandy Bradley of Camden, SC. Two children, Beckie Davey and Lisa Summers and four grandkids, Emily, MacKenzie, Caroline and Jace.

Profession: Currently retired. Prior work - 25 years in the United States Air Force primarily flying the A-10 Thunderbolt II, retired in grade of Colonel and just completed 20 years working for MITRE Corporation as a Systems Engineer.

Goals for the DI Exchange Club during your term: 1. Focus on Exchange’s core values of family, community and country. Through a variety of service projects, support activities that benefit youth; promote pride in our country; honor veterans, active military and first responders; promote pride in our country, respect for our flag, and an appreciation of our freedoms; and, work to prevent child abuse. 2. Work through our core values to make our island a better place to live.

What is the mission of your organization? The Exchange Club of Daniel Island is part of the National Exchange network of more than 20,000 members and nearly 650 clubs all striving to fulfill Exchange’s Mission -- “Exchange, America’s Premier Service Club, working to make our communities better places to live.” Our Vision: “A strong America, safe communities and people unified in service.”

What year was your organization established? The first local Exchange Club was formed in Detroit, Michigan, in 1911. Charles A. Berkey is credited with founding of this great organization. At his suggestion, the name “Exchange” was selected because the group wanted to exchange ideas and information with like-minded individuals about how to better serve their communities. The Exchange Club of Daniel Island was chartered on May 27, 2014. To learn more about Exchange please visit the national site at http://www.nationalexchangeclub.org/national-exchange-club-history/.

When does your organization meet? We meet on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month alternating between business and social meetings. We meet in the Daniel’s Landing Club House at 130 River Landing Drive and highly encourage any person that wants to serve our community come to our meetings.

If someone is interested in joining, who should they contact? For more information on the club, visit our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/DIExchange/. To join, send an email to PresidentDIExchangeClub@gmail.com.


Daniel Island Business Association

Hometown: Syracuse, New York.

Years on Daniel Island: I have had a business on Daniel Island for 2 1/2 years.

Family: I have three daughters two son-in-law’s and a grandson. Profession: I have been in the homebuilding industry for 42 years.

Goals for DIBA during your term: My goals for my tenure for 2017 is to improve expand our website, increase our membership and demonstrate an overall better environment for our members.

What is the mission of your organization? The Daniel Island Business Association is dedicated to facilitating networking opportunities and exposure for local professionals and business owners who work or live on Daniel Island. We want to foster unity and goodwill among all businesses and make Daniel Island a great place to live, work, shop, dine, and play!

What year was your organization established? 2004

When does your organization meet? Our board meets every other month and we have member social functions the last Thursday of each month.

If someone is interested in joining, who should they contact? Send an email to me at clattif@arhomes.com. Information on the club can be found at http://www.danielislandbusiness.com.


Rotary Club of Daniel Island

Hometown: Camden, SC

Years on Daniel Island: 17 years

Family: Kathryn (Daniel Island School – Kindergarten Assistant Teacher), Lang (11) 5th grade DIS, and Grayham (16), a junior at Bishop England.

Profession: Banking, Regions Bank – SVP, Note Sales Manager 12 years.

What is the mission of your organization? I think Rotary’s motto of “Service Above Self” says it best. Our 1.2 million members want to provide humanitarian services and advance goodwill and peace in local communities around the world. We do this with high ethical standards best known as the Rotary Four-Way Test: Is it the TRUTH? Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it build GOOD WILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? And will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? Our commitment to help end Polio has been at the forefront of Rotary for the past 30 years, having vaccinated over 2.5 billion children in over 122 countries. Today, Polio is close to being eradicated with only three countries continuing to report new cases - Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria. Rotary remains committed until the end on this worthy international cause.

Goals for Rotary Club of Daniel Island during your term: Our club is known as the Duck Race Club within Rotary, given the great fundraising event held each year in June here on Daniel Island. My goals for the year are to use the funds raised from the Duck Race to have a greater impact on the Daniel Island community and to increase awareness of the great service our Rotarians accomplish throughout the year. The Duck Race allows us to fund local projects focused on literacy and education, hunger and nutrition, housing and shelter, families and children, and health and wellness, while building better communities. Our Club is glad to announce that in addition to the charities chosen as beneficiaries of the race, the three local elementary schools (DIS, Philip Simmons Elementary, and Cainhoy Elementary) will be beneficiaries this year. We are excited to help fund needy projects identified at each of the three schools and the other charities. A special thanks to the DI Community Fund for their partnership in helping many of our service projects in the community and DI News for helping us tell our story.

What year was your organization established? Rotary International was formed February 23, 1905. Rotary Club of Daniel Island just celebrated our 15th anniversary July 19, 2016.

When does your organization meet? Wednesday mornings, Daniel Island Club ballroom from 7:30 to 8:30 am. Visit our Club Calendar for weekly meeting details at www.danielislandrotary.com.

If someone is interested in joining, who should they contact? Rotary is a by-invitation club open to all people of good character who are seeking to serve others and be an active member of our organization. If interested, please contact our membership chair, Greg Brainerd, at Greg.Brainerd@DanielIslandRotary.com or myself at Gray.Ives@DanielIslandRotary.com


Daniel Island In-Shore Fishing Club

Hometowns: Cherokee, Iowa (Grant) and Winston-Salem, NC (Trent)

Years on Daniel Island: Grant (2 ½ yrs) and Trent (4 yrs)

Family: Grant – Joan (spouse) Trent – Alicia (spouse), Parker (7 yrs), and Isla (2 yrs)

Professions: Grant - Sales/marketing consultant –Packaging industry Trent - Director- Supply Chain Bus. Development – Universal Logistics Holdings

Goals for the DI In-Shore Fishing Club during your term: Expand and grow the Annual Kids Fishing Tournament on DI; coordinate with and support local fishing conservation groups; and expand membership base to wider demographic of island residents.

What is the mission of your organization? 1) To provide members with a forum for education and resource stewardship through inshore fishing; 2) To promote and publicize inshore fishing within the community and to other organizations; 3) To foster the best practices and techniques of inshore fishing and resource conservation.

What year was your organization established? 2002

When does your organization meet? Third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m., usually at Providence Baptist Church. Our next meeting February 21.

If someone is interested in joining, who should they contact? Trent Gustafson at tgustafson1976@gmail.com or phone 843-991-6008.


Daniel Island Flying Club

Hometown: Bristol, CN Years on Daniel Island: 6

Family: Sons Jeremy, 23, and Nathan, 19.

Profession: Retired from the Information Technology field.

Goals for the DI Flying Club during your term: I want to see pilots get together and enjoy each other’s company and inspire themselves to get up in the air!

What is the mission of your organization? Have a meeting place for pilots on Daniel Island or aviation enthusiasts to share experiences, to have fun talking about flying, and to learn from guest speakers

What year was your organization established? 2015

When does your organization meet? We meet every other month during the evening at the meeting room in the Daniel Island Library.

If someone is interested in joining, who should they contact? Sign up on the website - http://www.danielislandflyingclub.com/.

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