Early morning fall fishing is the time to catch fish and shrimp

I am happy to report that last week was an anomaly. Thankfully, fishing and shrimping were quite good this week. With low tide very early in the morning, some of the best fishing occurred before the sun cleared the horizon. In the pre-dawn light (which is actually pretty dark), Redfish and Trout were feeding in the shallows. They were pretty easy to find due the splashing they made when attacking finger mullet. Once located, casting a top water lure like a Rapala Skitterwalk SW8 into the mayhem produced crushing strikes. Both Redfish and Trout found the Skitterwalk to be irresistible. It looks just like a finger mullet (especially in the dark).
After sunrise, the top water shut down. However, switching to a slow sinking lure would keep things going for a little longer. The most productive lure was a 5 inch Z-Man StreakZ (Pearl) on a 4/0 sixteenth ounce flutter hook. A short twitch and long pause retrieve worked the best.  
Around 8 a.m., things slowed down dramatically so I switched my focus to shrimp (in deep holes). This entails the use of a 10 foot, heavily weighted cast net that is especially designed for catching shrimp in deep water. While the net can be handful to throw, the process is pretty simple. First, you ride around looking for deep holes (between 20 and 40 feet deep). Second, use the fish finder to look for clouds of shrimp near the bottom of the holes. Last but not least, throw the net and viola shrimp dinner!
Fall is a time of plenty in the Lowcountry. If you wake up early, you can get a full day of fishing and shrimping in before most people have their first cup of coffee.
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