Fishing was great between thunderstorms last week

This week, I ran into my good friend, Jim Rabon, at the Sushi bar in Wasabi. With Jim being an avid angler, our conversation quickly turned to fishing. Soon, we had our mobile phones out showing each other pictures of our most recent catches. A picture that caught my attention was of Jim’s grandson, Henry Traywick, with a large Redfish he caught from a dock. Landing a large fish while fishing from a dock is a challenge. Given all the pilings to break off on, it takes skill (and a bit of luck) to complete the catch. Well done Henry!

The weather played a big part in fishing (or lack thereof) this week. It rained literally every day. While I kind of like to fish in the rain, lightning is a different story. Lightning scares me. So, I did not fish for a good bit of the week. When I did get out, the fishing was very good. The key to locating feeding fish was clear water. This took a bit of looking due to all the sediment washed into the creeks by the torrential rain. However, once located, the Trout bite was solid. A live shrimp or Z-Man StreakZ 3.75 (Blue Back Herring) on a finesse jig produced strikes equally well.

When fishing, safety should always be first. Don’t go fishing in thunderstorms. However, when the skies clear, get out and look for clear water. It is a safe bet that you will catch fish.

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