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Who's responsible for what in the City of Charleston, Berkeley County and Daniel Island
Charleston  now has one of the highest daily averages of newcomers in the nation, as the Lowcountry city continues to experience a boom in population. Daniel Island and the surrounding area is a popular destination of this newfound growth.
For those unfamiliar with the governmental geography of the Lowcountry, Daniel Island is not a town itself, but rather a master-planned development zoned within the city of Charleston. Adding to the confusion, while Daniel Island and parts of the surrounding areas are part of the city, those areas are not governed by Charleston County. The island and pockets of the Cainhoy area fall under the jurisdiction of the City of Charleston, under Berkeley County and under individual  property owners associations and rules.
Whether you just recently moved to the area or are a longtime resident who needs a refresher, here’s a breakdown of each governing body’s tasks and commitments to the service of their citizens. 
In addition to providing fire and police services to Daniel Island and sections of the Cainhoy region (Berkeley County Sheriff covers other sections of Cainhoy), the City of Charleston is tasked with providing a wide range of community maintenance and infrastructure needs. Citizens can call on the city for aid with the following services: ditch cleaning, garbage roll cart requests or complaint, getting a pothole fixed, missed garbage collection, missed trash collection, overgrown yard or vacant lot, pay a parking ticket, sidewalk repair, street maintenance, street drains or driveway pipe cleaning.
With the aforementioned city services, upon request, citizens are asked to describe what exactly the issue or condition is, where the problem or request is located (address, intersection, in front of what business, side of street) and what the timeframe of the issue’s existence is or when it was first recognized.    
Request assistance and information online by visiting the city’s Citizen Services Desk or by calling 843-724-7311. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
For residents to get a hold of their local representative for District 1 on Charleston City Council, contact council member Marie Delcioppo at  
Additionally, residents can reach out to the Neighborhood Services Division, a conduit of assistance and action between city residents and the municipal government. They provide information and services to individual residents as well as ensure that concerns expressed by neighborhood association representatives reach appropriate city officials.
For more information about the Neighborhood Services Division, contact project assistant Becca Hopkins at or call 843-853-7237. 
The three main services provided to Berkeley County residents living in the City of Charleston are Emergency Medical Services (EMS/ambulance), mosquito abatement and library access. 
Berkeley County is also tasked with a laundry list of maintenance and infrastructure needs that span countywide. Taxpayers who live in areas outside of the city can depend on the county for aid with the following services:  road maintenance and repair, drainage maintenance, boat landing inspection and maintenance.
The county’s Roads & Bridges Department maintains and repairs roads which have been accepted by Berkeley County for maintenance. Daniel Island’s roads and bridges are maintained by the City of Charleston. 
Unpaved roads are graded on a continuing basis with rocking, culvert repairs, roadside vegetation control, and stabilization performed as needed. This includes more than 219 miles of roads. Maintenance and repair is also performed on over 295 miles of paved roads within the county.
The county’s Drainage Maintenance department maintains most of the overall drainage system; however. Daniel Island’s drainage is maintained by the city of Charleston.
Sidewalk maintenance varies based on location and date of initial installation. Daniel Island’s sidewalks are maintained by the City of Charleston.
In addition, as time and resources permit, the county is working on special projects. These projects may include road widening, drainage channel improvements, herbicide spraying, stream bank stabilization, or recreation projects.
If residents are in the city, garbage is maintained by that municipality. If residents are in the franchise area of the county, there is a third-party garbage service through Carolina Waste. Contact Berkeley County Solid Waste Department if you have questions or need guidance, 843-719-2386. 
For a complete list of county services, go to Residents can reach their local representative for District 2 on Berkeley County Council, councilmember Josh Whitley, at or call 843-696-9094. 
The Berkeley County School District, a separate government entity, is responsible for your children’s education at the Philip Simmons High School, Middle School, and Elementary School, as well as Daniel Island School. 
Daniel Island Property Owners Association
The Daniel Island Property Owners Association (DIPOA) is tasked with overseeing the maintenance of common areas, such as parks, recreation trails, pools, boat ramps, and other community amenities. In addition, the DIPOA collects annual dues for each association, installs mailboxes, maintains street signs and promotes and coordinates social, education and recreational programs for the community.
Daniel Island Community Association
The following associations operate on their own covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&R). Property owners are subject to the respective association in which their property is located and must adhere to the CC&Rs per their deed. Contact: Jane Baker, President,, 843-971-4402. 
The Daniel Island Community Association's (DICA) purview consists of single-family homes and townhomes located south of I-526. 
The amenities include Scott Park Pool, Pierce Park Pool, Edgefield Park Pool, and the Beresford Creek Boat Landing.
All residents, whether renters or owners must adhere to the CC&Rs as well as local, state and federal laws and ordinances. The CC&Rs can be more restrictive but not less restrictive than local, state and federal law.
Annual residential property owner assessments were due Jan. 31. The amount, across the board, was $947. 
Responsibilities include review and approve the annual budget; review quarterly financials; review audits; review reserves that are set aside to fund major repairs and replacement of assets; and review contract bid packages.
In November 2021, four more resident members will be elected to the board, replacing developer appointed members. At that point the board will consist of seven members. The makeup of the DICA board will change when 5,625 dwelling units of the 7,500 units allowed in the DI Master Plan are owned by a property owner other than a builder and have a certificate of occupancy. DICA will have a full transition to a resident run board most likely at the end of 2021. The DICA Board meets quarterly and as necessary if an issue arises.
Daniel Island Town Association
Daniel Island Town Association’s (DITA) purview consists of commercial properties and multifamily condominiums on Island Park Drive, Seven Farms Drive, River Landing Drive, Pier View Street, Robert Daniel Drive, Daniel Island Drive, Fairchild Street and two waterfront condo buildings off of Fairbanks Oaks Allee.
Amenities include the docks at Waterfront Park, all other non-exclusive common areas, parks, and trails. There are no exclusive amenities.
Members pay a dues assessment based on the size of their building and land/plot. DITA commercial assessments are based on a formula of square footage and acreage of each property so there is not a standardized fee for all properties. DITA annual assessments range from $1,500 to $76,000.
Responsibilities of DITA include arbitration of CC&R disputes.
All board members are appointed by the developer. There will be no elected board members until the transition of DITA from developer control to property owner control; estimated Dec. 31, 2025, per the bylaws. 
DITA meets annually and as necessary if an issue arises.
Daniel Island Neighborhood Association
NOTE: Not affiliated with DIPOA
The Daniel Island Neighborhood Association (DINA) is a volunteer organization sanctioned by the City of Charleston that acts as the voice of residents from all parts of the island in raising and resolving issues needing the attention of local, county, state government. 
In 2016, DINA established a Transition Committee whose mission is:
• To assess the governing documents and the administrative, operational and financial procedures of the three associations that make up the community of Daniel Island: DICA, DIPA and DITA.
• To educate residents regarding the events that initiate their rights to participate in oversight of the management of the respective associations and other provisions of the governing documents affecting residents rights and responsibilities; and
• To facilitate the ultimate transition to residents oversight of the management and operations of the community of Daniel Island.  
Contact: President Greg Taylor,, 843-971-9200 (DINA office).


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