Holistic healing offers alternative approach to health care

Staying healthy is on everyone's mind these days and many people are turning to alternative medicine for answers.  
In this time of social distancing, patients can still receive care as holistic providers practice strict safety measures. 
Daniel Island resident Dr. Michele Duffy of Elevate Health (elevatehealthllc.com) is a telemedicine provider so she is able to treat patients virtually, a plus during the pandemic. She takes a holistic perspective to health care by providing proper testing and delivering innovative, natural treatments.  
“I practice in the functional medicine arena where we do a deep dive into the ‘why’ you are experiencing disease,” she said. “Much of traditional medicine focuses on specialists — each body system is viewed as an independent unit. We look at the body as interconnected, every one of our organs and body systems affects all the others. We work with the whole person and strive to understand how seemingly unrelated body parts or issues are affecting one another.”
Abby King turned to holistic medicine after conventional treatments failed.  
“I went to multiple doctors but none of them could put my health puzzle together. I kept feeling worse and worse until I finally found Dr. Duffy and she started taking a holistic approach to my health,” King said. “She took time to look at every issue I was dealing with to make sure the plan moving forward would be effective. I feel better than I have in years ... The holistic approach to my health has changed my life for the better.”
Daniel Island’s Method Health Center (MethodHealthCenter.com) offers a variety of care from massage therapy to dry-needling, an alternative medicine technique adapted from acupuncture.  Method also provides physiotherapies such as ultrasound, mechanical traction, whole body vibration, and intermittent compression therapy. Dr. Kelly B. Barron and Dr. Troy Barron are passionate about helping patients reach their optimal health.
“We work as a team to provide support for the whole person,” Kelly said. “…We do our best to keep our patients away from dangerous opioids and surgery and get them back to enjoying life. While our services are an alternative to surgery, medications and injections, the methods and procedures we utilize are widely used in traditional medicine.” 
Kirsten Wartko has found relief at Method for over 10 years.  
“Kelly and Troy do an amazing job tending to patients using various holistic methods,” she said. “Dry needling is an immediate fix for trigger point release in muscles, and my weekly adjustments keep my wellness maintained.”
Becky Sheftall’s lifelong interest in a healthy lifestyle drew her to open her own business (mtsacupuncture.com) to help others with her practice of acupuncture and eastern herbal medicine.  
“Acupuncture can address problems that stump many western physicians,” she said. “Acupuncture gets to the root cause of a problem, instead of just temporarily relieving symptoms.”  
Sheftall often uses eastern herbal medicine as a natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs to treat her patients. 
Sheftall’s patient, Amanda Crean, wanted to try an alternative route for her health care after traditional medicine was unsuccessful in treating anxiety and some physical issues.  
“I really did not want to take a prescription medicine and deal with all of the side effects of it, after having several negative experiences in the past,” Crean said. “I also wanted someone who would look at my symptoms from a more holistic approach.
“The combination of the acupuncture and herbal medicine has radically reduced my anxiety and physical issues I was having. Becky takes time to really listen to what is going on with my body and mind and adjusts the acupuncture treatments and herbal medicine as needed. I am so thankful I went down this path as it has made a huge difference in my day to day life.”

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