How to catch lots of small fish

After catching small fish while visiting Lake Keowee, I was hoping to improve the quality of my catches upon returning home. Someone forgot to tell the fish. The number of fish caught and released was great. However, most of the trout and redfish were small. After a few days of catching and releasing large quantities of smaller fish, I began to wonder if I would ever catch a quality fish. Unfortunately, the answer to that question was - not this week.

So, this is my “How to catch lots of small fish” article. As it turns out, I am getting pretty good at it. My favorite lure is a 1/6ounce Ned LockZ jig with a Z-Man TRD lure. The most productive colors are The Deal and PB&J. Try to time your trip for the last half of the falling tide. As the tide falls, shrimp and baitfish funnel out of the marsh through small creeks draining into the main river. This creates a feeding station for trout and redfish. Especially the small ones! Casting a TRD lure into the creek drain and letting the current sweep it into the main river is a sure-fire way to catch vast quantities of small fish.

Of course, if you are not me, you will probably catch a bunch of large fish using this technique. If you do, can you please send me a few pictures? I fear that I will forget what a big fish actually looks like.

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