Land use and zoning activities on Daniel Island

These are the issues being brought before the various City of Charleston boards and committees that are specific to land use and zoning on Daniel Island. For more information on any of these proposed actions, visit (click on “Land Use and Zoning Activity”). All meetings are open for public comment except the TRC meetings. For the location and time of meetings, visit the DINA website or email

City of Charleston Technical Review Committee (TRC) — At the next meeting on March 8, the preliminary subdivision plat for Oak Leaf Street will be discussed.

City of Charleston Board of Zoning Appeals – Site Design (BZA-SD) — At the next meeting on March 7, on the agenda is a request from The Daniel Island Company for a variance to allow for the removal of four grand trees at Pier View Street and River Landing Drive. East West Partners, the entity developing the planned River Landing Village community at the end of River Landing Drive, provided the following statement to the Daniel Island Neighborhood Association concerning the variance request:

“Thank you for inquiring about the recent tree survey at Parcel R Daniel Island. We have been working hard with the Daniel Island Company, the City of Charleston and Mead Land Services, who is a certified arborist, to create a site design that preserves over 97% of the Grand Trees that are currently located on this site. The tags on the trees that are located on the site today do not indicate that these trees are going to be removed. The tags simply mean that the tree has been surveyed and reviewed by our arborist and the City.”

According to East West Partners, the overall site is 27.49 acres. Within that space there are currently 742 protected trees, which includes 141 grand trees. They are requesting a variance to remove four grand trees, which is approximately three percent of the total grand trees on the site.

“The arborist and City of Charleston reviewed all of the trees on site and agreed that the 4 trees that we are requesting to remove are graded as follows: 2 C Grade Trees (both Pecan Trees) and 2 D Grade Trees (one Live Oak and one Willow Oak),” continued the statement. “As you know, C and D grade trees are graded as such since they have usually sustained damage from storms or otherwise deemed unhealthy and do not have a long life expectancy. No Grade A or Grade B grand trees are being removed. This site has been planned for development from the beginning under the Daniel Island master plan. We have had multiple meetings and worked with the City staff to develop a plan that preserves the overwhelming majority of grand trees on the site.”

Lastly, East West Partners noted that their plan is to plant new trees on site “above and beyond the required mitigation amount” for the four tree removals. According to their statement, they also plan to do so on site as part of this project rather than payment into the City of Charleston Street Tree fund “to ensure the additional plantings are to the benefit of the Daniel Island Community.”

City of Charleston Board of Zoning Appeals – Zoning (BZA-Z) — The next meeting will be held on March 20. The agenda has not yet been published.

City of Charleston Design Review Board (DRB) — The most recent meeting was held on March 5 with no issues of impact to Daniel Island on the agenda.

City of Charleston Planning Commission (PC) — A special meeting will be held on March 7 with no issues of impact to Daniel Island on the agenda. The next regular Planning Commission meeting will be held on March 21. The agenda for that session has not yet been published.

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