Letters to Mom

There are few things more meaningful to a mom than sweet, handwritten notes crafted especially for her by her children, no matter their ages. Since Mother’s Day is this weekend, we asked first grade students in Ms. Marianne McAvoy’s class at Daniel Island School to share the letters they wrote to their marvelous mamas in celebration of the day. Their heartfelt messages, displayed here and on page 22, reflect their own unique spellings – which make them all the more special!

Dear mommy, You make the house clene. It looks like the first day we moovd in. Thank you for vackuooming. It is a big help! I love you! Love, Ryan

Dear mom, You make the best food I’ve ever eaten. I like the chicken most becase it taste like cupcakes and I like to play at the park with you and swing. Love, Ethan

Mommy, you make the best bactebeens in the world. I like the tast of it. I eat it everyday. I like brown sous. They tat like bean sous. Love, Noah

Dear mommy, You take me on the best adventers! You are a very good cook. You make the best spegetiey and Swedish meatballs I’ve ever tasted! I love to try new food that you make. I like to bake with you! I love spending time with you! Love, your Izzybell

Dear mommy, You make the best silver dollar fluffy pancakes. They taste like choclate dohnuts. I like vunilla and banana yogurt on my pancakes. You make the best pancakes ever! Love, Cyprian

Dear Mother, you make the best Indian food on the whole entir world! You make it taste like hot sauce! When ever I smell your spicey food it makes me dig into it right away! Whenever I taste it, my mouth waters. It also tastes like the most yummiest food in Heaven! Love, Dedeepya

Dear mom, You make the best eggs ever!!! Can I call them Besty eggs? Please! Thanks!!! I wish it can rain your eggs!!! I love your eggs so much! Love, Evan

Dear mommy, You make the best favorite pasta in the whole world! I love the chicken and sometimes my mom gives me extra. And the pasta is different colers. I love rain bows and the pasta has rain bow colers. Love, Janie

Dear Mommy, You make yumy pancakes with choclate. It smells like a cookie. The choclate pancakes are the best in the world. My sister and I love to eat them. Love you mommy. Love, Alyssa

Dear mom, You make the best pancakes. They taste so soft and fluffy. I like that you put sprincels. And I like the butter. There the best pancakes in the whole wide world. Love, Will

Dear mom, I think you are the colring queen. Your dolphins are cute when you drol them. Your dolphins are sparkily blue. I think we make the prettyest dolphins ever in the wold. You make me so happy. Love, Giuliana

Dear mom, I love you because you spend time with me. we play board games with me. You are a great cook. You are good at cooking realyyy gooooooooood rice and corn. You are the best mom in the whole world. You are soooooo nice. I love you. Love, Sutton

Good mom, You make the best posta with carits. You make amazing rock work. You’r dresis are supr beautiful. Happe Mothers day! Love, Luca

Dear mom, You gave me the best birthday ever in my life. Thank you for the stuft animal kage. You make the best dizrts. Love, Hayden

Dear mom, You make the best slipery noodls. I love how you put suger and buter on the slipery noodls. It tast like magik. I love magik in the noodls. I realy like the suger and the buter is good. Love, Lini

Dear mommy, You make the best cake in the whole world. It was a volcano for my birthday. And it had water and land. You put toy dinosaurs on my cake but we did not eat them. Love, Everett

Dear mommy, I love your pancakes. Also those meat balls too. I like how sqwooshy they are. And I like how flopey the pancakes are too. And I like the pasta you make too. You are the best momy evr! Love, Bethany

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