Mark Sanford keeps park idea alive for tip of Daniel Island

U.S. Representative for the First District of South Carolina Mark Sanford stopped by the Rotary Club’s Aug. 2 meeting at the Daniel Island Club.

While he kept his comments on politics minimal, he did share news of new developments on plans for a park of scale on the tip of the island. After plans for a major port facility on the island fell through, the existing land was set for disposition, explained Sanford. But as Governor and still today he has another idea for the use of the land.

“Downtown Charleston used to be a lot more family-friendly than it is right now,” said Sanford. “Increasingly, for people who are in the in between ages there are fewer and fewer places to get out and play soccer or riding a bike. It’s crowded. So, why not create something that was close by that can be reached by water taxi from Mount Pleasant, from downtown and from here—a park of scale. If you look at all of the great cities across the world, they all have parks of scale—The parks of London, the Mall of Paris, the Queen’s Garden in Stockholm. Just by chance, because the terminal didn’t work out, we have an incredible opportunity to create something that will be lasting in terms of open space.”

Although Sanford provided little details about the project, he confirmed that he is currently working with a land planning group to develop schematics.

“I’m going to be back with you on further details,” he said. “I’d like to plant that seed and ask you to think about it as we move into this year because it is a project that is worthy of your attention.”

In addition to his continued support for a park, Sanford briefly commented on the political climate saying, “It is a crazy time in politics, I’ll just say that. And we should be careful as a civilization because the notion of compromise and finding some way to work forward is always a hallmark of our republic. It is as divided as I have ever seen it. It’s almost tribal where if you’re one camp you completely agree and if you’re in the other camp you completely disagree. It changes by issue. That’s a long conversation for another day.”

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