The return of the pink flamingos!

Annual fundraiser to take place April 21-27

Daniel Island’s annual “flocking” fundraiser is back! The pink flamingos campaign to benefit Young Life and Wyldlife on Daniel Island is set to take place April 21-27. We caught up with local Wyldlife Director Tracey Lengyel Thomas to get some details on the initiative before it takes flight.

Q. Tell us about this upcoming campaign. How does it work?

A. This is our Annual Flocking Fundraiser. The idea is that each night Daniel Island Wyldlife and Young Life groups will place 25 pink (plastic) flamingos in a family’s yard for a fun morning surprise! That family is then able to remove the flamingos and send to a friend’s house for a small donation (of course we will remove for free if a donation is unable to be made). The fun happens when neighbors or friends start sending to each other’s yards and there is a chain of pink flamingos going around!

Q. How important is this fundraiser for Young Life and Wyldlife? What are the proceeds used for?

A. This is one of our favorite fundraisers of the year for two reasons! The first is that it is fun. So much of what we do in Young Life is helping people to see that our God is fun and full of adventure and this is just one fun and exciting way to help bring a community together. The second reason (and primary reason!!) is to raise money for camp. ALL proceeds go to sending our Daniel Island middle and high schoolers to a Young Life or Wyldlife Summer Camp. These summer camps are a week packed full on a beautiful property with fun adventures, silly skits, getting to be a kid again, and hearing about a God who loves them like crazy. We never want a kid to miss out on our trip because of a financial hardship and this is just one way we are able to help them get there!

Q. How many years have you all done the Flamingos Project on Daniel Island?

A. I think this would be our fourth year doing the flamingo fundraiser! We do it each Spring.

Q. Why this is such a popular fundraiser for you - and what sorts of things do people order flamingos for?

A. I think it works so well because it is fun! I am always told that families and their children love waking up to a little surprise sent from a neighbor or friend! We have people who flock for birthdays, a special occasion, etc, but mainly people just flock as a little joke and to let others know they are thinking of them!

Q. How can someone order a flock of flamingos?

A. If people would like to send a flock the week of our fundraiser (Friday, April 21 to Thursday, April 27), feel free to email or call me at 412.852.2123 or!

Q. Is there anything else you would like to add?

A. Would love to just add how grateful we are for a community that not only allows us to do this fundraiser, but gets excited about the idea of sending kids to camp and loving on their neighbors. It’s just one more reason I am so thankful for DI!

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