Be goofy!

Be goofy. It’s fun. It’s liberating. And, most importantly, it encourages you to be yourself.

Right now, “Be Goofy” is posted in large letters on my fridge.

I looked “goofy” up in the dictionary. It means “silly.”

The older I get, the less I worry about how goofy or silly I am. Think about the Disney character Goofy. We love him, and he is goofy as all get out! We admire his good heart and his self-confidence to be who he is. Yes, self-confidence. While it appears that Goofy is clueless about his goofiness, I think it’s the opposite of cluelessness. He is content to be the goofy dog that he is. His creator, Art Babbitt, described him as “a composite of an everlasting optimist” and as “a gullible Good Samaritan.” That is silly in the most marvelous way!

Being goofy is about giving yourself permission to be yourself. Being goofy is not worrying about what other people think. Being goofy is about letting go. And, it’s about being an optimist and a Good Samaritan.

Here is a strange - and goofy - confession. Sometimes I stand in front of the mirror and make really, really goofy faces. Oddly enough, it always makes me feel good and I always end up laughing! Perhaps it’s my way of not taking myself too seriously. I encourage you to give it a try!

My kids, when they were in their early teens, used to get extremely embarrassed by how nerdy and goofy I could be. Back then, I danced badly and frequently. And sometimes I did it in public and in their presence. While they thought it was goofy then, now they remember it fondly.

The truth is – I don’t need the reminder on my fridge. I come by my goofiness naturally! It’s really there as a reminder to be myself.

Now, all this said, maybe goofiness isn’t your thing. What is? Figure it out and do it. Be yourself.

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