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As a former librarian involved in teaching, redesigning library collections in homes and businesses and working closely with my patrons, I have always valued the benefits of order and simplicity. So when I decided to become a professional organizer, I brought my ‘library’ skills into the world of de-cluttering for my clients to benefit in positive and healthier living.

My goal is to "Bliss Your Home." Through positive, simple, and yes, fun strategies, we will create places in your home so you open up spaces in your life." Organizing and the tasks associated with it such as sorting, purging can often be hard, both physically and emotionally. However, when we use creative visualization, relax and smile through the process, you, the client, relax in an environment of ease and non-judgment. The weightiness of the task at hand is lifted and an energy results that benefits all involved in the project. You can’t help but fall into the enthusiasm!

Q. My front hallway is a disaster zone. How can I clear the entrance to my home and be able to find my keys?

A. Your front hallway or foyer is the "welcome center." As the first place friends and visitors see you want it to reflect your unique personality. Here are some suggestions to bring order to this area:

Move your shoes or boots to a closet or garage.

If you have a ‘barefoot’ home, consider an attractive bin or basket to keep them in. Check your coat rack keeping only the seasonal jackets and items that are actually worn during this time of year.

If you have a ‘landing place’ for mail, keys, magazines and such consider developing a system in which you have one place for your keys, your magazines and newspapers are current (the rest should be recycled), and your mail is sorted through daily.

You’ll be amazed at how open and inviting these simple suggestions will improve your welcoming area.

Karen A. Joseph is the owner of Ordered Bliss, a professional organizing company on Daniel Island. A former librarian, Karen offers her clients positive strategies for creating an ordered’ lifestyle for all areas of your home. Ordered Bliss is a company in good standing with NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers. Contact Karen at 843-345-2592 or; she will truly ‘bliss your life’.

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