My dad has been cool for as long as I can remember. My earliest memory of him is seeing him walk by the front window of our living room in his U.S. Army National Guard uniform on his way to a weekend training session. I must have been about 3 years-old at the time - and to me he was a super hero. This year, I will celebrate my 52nd Father’s Day with him. It is a blessing I do not take lightly.

My dad has always been my greatest supporter and encourager. He makes me feel like I am the best at all I do, and even when I fall short he is there to remind me I am capable of more. He is the one who taught me what matters most in life, such as the importance of being kind to others, giving back to those less fortunate, maintaining a strong work ethic, and always staying connected to my faith. He starts and ends every day with a smile and if you’re in his presence he makes you feel like you’re the most important person in the world.

When he battled and beat cancer a couple of years ago, I saw in him a strength and perseverance that I had not witnessed before. His positive attitude never faltered, even when the struggle felt insurmountable. And he never ceased to be a source of inspiration to our family and friends.

To my dad, and all of the other wonderful papas out there, I extend heartfelt wishes for a wonderful Father’s Day this weekend. I thank you all for the gift you are to each of us, not just on Father’s Day – but all year long.

All of these decades later, my father is still my hero. While I am no longer that wide-eyed little girl watching her brave and strong daddy through the window, he will always have my heart. After all, as this popular quote so beautifully expresses, “A father is someone you look up to, no matter how tall you grow.”

Thank you, Dad, for being all of that and more. I am a better me, because of you.

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