The Creek Critic: Life on the Beresford in three acts

There is an area at the mouth of Beresford Creek and Clouter Creek that we call home. And one of the silver linings during our extended stay-at-home-cation is that we’ve been able to take advantage of time on the creek with a nightly happy hour.

We’ve been astounded at the various activities that we’ve witnessed during these evening hours as the sun glistens on the sparkling water and the wind picks up across the marsh. Through this experience we’ve created a character who critiques the comings and goings that we have donned “The Creek Critic.”

Scene One: The surface of the water breaks and a brown bulge emerges. Once. Twice. Is it a bird? An otter? As it moves closer we can hear the exhalation of breath. And then we see the full back and snout. It’s a manatee moving slowly down Beresford Creek. We quickly report the sighting to the Department of Natural Resources manatee locator ( For about 15 minutes the manatee dazzles us with its patient floating magnificence. As it turns the corner toward Clouter Creek, we are grateful for the encounter and hopeful that the manatee will remain safe in our waters.

Creek Critic Says: 5 Stars. Two Thumbs Up. Instant Classic.

Scene Two: A small flats boat speeds around the corner of Beresford Creek. Music is blaring and six late-teen to early 20-year-olds are packed closely together in swimsuits, backward baseball caps and sunglasses. They slow down before approaching the dock and it’s clear by the empty cans that litter the deck of the craft that they are enjoying their sunset cruise. As they float by, unaware of our presence on the dock, one of the revelers stands on the gunnel and begins to urinate into the creek. Unable to maintain my decorum I shout, “Looks like it’s cold out today.” Clearly embarrassed, the perpetrator quickly pulls up his swimsuit as the rest of his crew howls and mocks him. The party continues as this motley crew rounds the bend and accelerates toward the Beresford Creek Street boat landing.

Creek Critic Says: One Thumb Down. Redeemed from the dreaded “Two Thumbs Down” by at least observing the etiquette of slowing down while passing the dock.

Scene Three: A family with several young children rounds the bend. Two of the little ones sit in the mother’s lap and another child stands next to the father who is piloting the craft. Carefully, the father turns the wheel over to the child who meticulously navigates up the creek. As they pass us, one of the little girls looks over and squeals

“Happy Mother’s Day” to my wife. Everyone waves except for the child at the wheel whose focus remains vigilant and unbroken. This crew is clearly out to enjoy all that our waterways have to offer on this evening and for years to come.

Creek Critic Says: Two Thumbs Up and a Critic’s Wave Award. Polite, engaging, safe and adventurous.

 As our community reopens, we’re excited and grateful for the exquisite vantage point into our truly special little corner of the world. Don’t forget to save us the aisle seat … er … creekside  dock bench.

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