DINA ‘Safer Streets’ Campaign addresses home security

The Daniel Island Neighborhood Association has launched a 12-week campaign to educate the community about issues related to safety. Each week, DINA will share a different safety tip on a specific topic. Previous weeks have focused on bike safety, golf carts, street parking, roundabouts, distracted driving, street humps, fireworks and water safety. This week, the campaign targets home and car safety.


Life gets hectic, and it can be easy to forget to lock our cars and homes. Carrying in kids and groceries from the car and family coming and going all day, it’s no wonder it sometimes slips our minds. Unfortunately, thieves have caught on to our busy lifestyle and are taking advantage of it. To help prevent being the victim of a crime, create a “9 p.m. Routine” for you and your family.

1. Set your phone alarm for every evening at 9 p.m.

2. Have you removed all valuables from your cars?

3. Are the car windows rolled up and sunroof closed?

4. Are the car doors locked?

5. Do you have your car keys?

6. Are the house doors and windows shut and locked?

7. Is the home security system activated?

8. Are the pets inside?


Three things you can do to help the police should you be the victim of a crime:

1. Register your security camera devices (including smart doorbells) with the Charleston Police Department at https://gis.charleston-sc.gov/register-security-cameras/.

2. Invest in an anti-theft system. Many insurance companies offer discounts if your vehicle has one!

3. If your car has a telematics system (like OnStar) make sure it is activated. These systems use GPS technology to pinpoint your vehicle and transmit that information to law enforcement. Many of these systems can also remotely block your car’s ignition and can work in tandem with police to send a signal to your vehicle that makes it slow down safely.

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