Hold on to your hat

Several weeks ago, we visited Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. One of the highlights of the visit was a steep switchback descent to the lower falls of Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon. The reward – the thunderous sound of the falls accompanied by an amazing view of the canyon. As we posed for a selfie overlooking the falls, the wind whipped through the canyon and pulled my baseball cap from my head. My ponytail, which was looped through the hole in the back of the cap, slowed it from flying off my head and held it long enough for me to grab it and keep it from soaring over the precipice.

Later that week, as we trekked across the boardwalks that weave through the Grand Prismatic Spring at the Midway Geyser Basin – located in the same relative area of the park as Old Faithful – my husband Tom had a similar experience, except without the ponytail. Tom caught his Australian Outback hat just as it lifted off his head. We were not the only travelers oblivious to the wind as we oohed and aahed at the blue, green, red and yellow pools of water engulfed in steam and throwing off heat. Here – a Marlin’s baseball cap. There – a straw floppy Panama. Perhaps my favorite, sitting in the spring as if perched on a women’s head on Easter morning – a purple top hat with lace overlay.

“Dang, people.” I thought, “Hold on to your hats.”

And now, of course, the idiom “hold on to your hat” is printed on the white board of our RV fridge. A little Google research revealed its meaning - be prepared for something fun and exciting, get ready for what’s about to happen. Think about the anticipation you might feel as the rollercoaster peaks at the top of the hill.

I tell myself and urge you to do the same, “Hold on to your hat – exciting adventures lie ahead.” The lifting of our hats at the canyon and the spring were reminders that indeed exciting adventures lie ahead. We simply have to be prepared and willing to engage in them.

How often do we get in a rut and fail to remember that life is an adventure. I concede that not every day is a trip to Yellowstone. But the attitude we take into writing that report, working out at the gym, worshipping in church, cleaning the house, driving the car pool, engaging the customer, playing with the kids, making dinner or in completing any of our other daily activities, determines if we treat our life as an adventure or as drudgery. As for me, I choose adventure.

My goal is to be excited about what lies ahead. Urge yourself – no matter your age or your circumstances – to have a “hold on to your hat” kind of attitude. Excitement and adventure lie ahead.

Whether you prefer a beret or a bowler, a Gatsby or a fedora, a party hat or a pill box - hold on to your hat – something is about to happen. Are you ready?

This article is also online with photos and video at Sue and Tom’s blog –“Dispatches”- at https://suedetar.wixsite.com/mysite.

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