Letter to the Editor - December 19, 2019

Roundabout works!

Some people and other publications have been negative about the new Daniel Island roundabout. They have a decidedly negative slant for something that has proven to be so positive for Daniel Island residences and commuters. They have pointed out there have been a couple of accidents, however they have not researched the number of accidents that were encountered with the traffic light. They would have discovered, according to Lt. Patrick G. McLaughlin, CPD, that during the 10 years between July 2009 and July 2019 there were 94 accidents at the traffic light intersection. Daniel Island residents had started calling the dangerous intersection T-Bone junction.

Some publications have only sought out negative comments. Many of the negative comments were concerns about pedestrian safety. This has turned out to be a non-event because according to police records there have been zero pedestrian incidents. With that said there is still a need to address the pedestrian safety at all Seven Farms crosswalks. I use the roundabout regularly and find it to be a major improvement in traffic flow. With the old traffic light, I would often sit for two or three complete light changes before I could turn left off DI Drive onto Seven Farms.

James Lippman provided this: “If you live on the south side of DI, as I do, then you know the roundabout has been a godsend. The intersection at Daniel Island Drive and Seven Farms had been made obsolete by the population growth in the 10 years since we moved here. At certain times of the day it was frankly unworkable, especially coming down from Clements Ferry. Now it always moves freely in all directions.”

I have spoken to many of my neighbors and none of them have expressed any negative sentiments toward the roundabout. In fact, many of them, after seeing the success of the current roundabout, are advocating to replace the stoplight intersection at Seven Farms Drive and River Landing with a roundabout.

Daniel Island still has many traffic violations and pedestrian safety issues. The roundabout has not solved 100% of these problems because even the best roundabouts in the world cannot cure stupid drivers.

E. Mac McBride

Beresford Creek Street

Daniel Island, SC

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