Letter to the Editor - July 13, 2017

From trash to treasure!

Thank you for the article about recycling in the June 1-7, 2017 issue of the Daniel Island News. When it comes to e-waste recycling, you forgot to mention Goodwill. All personal data should be removed from computers before donating, but, according to their website, they further “wipe hard drives cleaner than clean — to the standards of the United States Department of Defense” to be exact. Also from their website, “We do refurbish and sell computers in our retail stores so people can purchase a system, complete with Microsoft Windows operating software, at an affordable price.” Goodwill also allows you to recycle your used computer equipment through Dell Reconnect, a partnership with Goodwill Industries. Their website states that you “simply take your old computer equipment of any brand, in any condition, to one of Goodwill’s 2,000+ participating locations throughout North America” and they’ll “make sure your system and accessories are refurbished or recycled responsibly.”

Please also remember that Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, and The Kidney Foundation will gladly come to your house and pick up old furniture, plastic containers, toys, suitcases, and sometimes shoes and clothes. Call the organization or check their websites to see. Let’s keep as much out of the landfills as we can. Once these items are smashed by the trash truck they stay in the landfill for years. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Also please remember that any trash, chemicals, animal excrement that is left on the streets ends up in our rivers and ocean. Everything drains into the sea. If you see trash on the street or in the sea, please don’t just leave it there.


Jody Martindale

Smythe Street

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