Letter to the Editor - June 22, 2017

Please clean up after your pets!

During a recent visit from two passing friends from New Jersey, my wife and I took them on a morning stroll around Smythe Park and the lake. They loved the surroundings and in fact were very impressed by our entire island.

Though nothing was said by them I could not help but notice the amount of un-picked up dog droppings along the park’s paved paths and surrounding street sidewalks.

I find this very disagreeable on many levels. It is prohibited by city ordinance. It is unsightly and unhealthy. And I have to believe it is deliberate on the part of the dog walkers. Were this not so, we would have noticed the issue all over the lawns, but since the mess was always within the leash length of the paved surfaces I think it is obvious disrespect and carelessness.

I’d like to appeal to all our neighbors to please respect the responsibility of owning a dog that includes cleaning up after them. Our children and grand children are free to engage in carefree play around our walks and parks and are not as observant in avoiding what has been left by others. I feel sorry for anyone, especially a little one who might show up at their parent’s side having had a run in with something that should not have been left behind.

The proper care of an animal of any kind is a lesson in courtesy to our neighbors and particularly our children.

John S. Gilsenan

Purcell Lane

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