Letter to the Editor - June 6, 2019

Reader questions Rep. Nancy Mace’s support of education

Representative Nancy Mace made a statement of support for educators on May 1. Sadly, her actions speak louder than her words. Not one of the multiple bills she has introduced in the 2019-2020 House address any issues with K-12 education. The only public stance she has taken on education is her support of school choice which would allow parents to receive a tax credit for their child’s private education paid for by money allocated to our public schools. She said she supports our teachers, but I see no legislative evidence of support.

According to Mace’s statement, she thinks there is currently adequate funding available for public education in South Carolina, the raise in this year’s funding bill will put teacher salaries slightly ahead of other states in our region, and “...a lot of the issues at hand are complex, misunderstood, or misinformed and some cannot be solved overnight." The Republican Party has controlled the House, Senate, and Governor’s Office in South Carolina since 2003 and is 100% responsible for our current education system. Her words sound like more of the same rhetoric we have heard for years from our legislators as South Carolina schools have fallen to 50th in the nation.

Nancy Mace does not support our teachers. Just because she said it does not make it true. We saw 10,000 teachers, students and parents, and activists march on the capital building because the education overhaul they were promised was such a huge disappointment. How can she claim credit for supporting South Carolina’s education community when she has done nothing to earn it?

Jen Gibson


Former Democratic Candidate for SC House District 99

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