Letter to the Editor - November 3, 2016

As a community we need to stop texting and utilizing mobile devices while driving on our roads!!!

If there is one area that DI residents need education and increased enforcement, it is the danger of texting and not utilizing hands-free phone capabilities while driving. I am aghast each day when I see drivers texting or talking on phones whether in a car, a low speed vehicle or kids riding bikes. I am an avid bike rider that sees numerous infractions with drivers guilty of the aforementioned, endangering pedestrians, bike riders and passengers in other cars on the road.

Our community did an excellent job over the past years enforcing drivers to stop legally at intersections as stated in the SC Driver Manual. What is happening on DI with contractors and residents being distracted while texting or on the phone requires a stronger measure of enforcement and education. It is only a matter of time before someone in our community is seriously injured due to this unnecessary habit.

Let’s do our part and make our community safe while traveling on our roads. We should welcome any idea to get this request of safety implemented.

Thank you,

John Barton

Daniel Island

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