Letters to the Editor - 2-27-20

People blocking roads to get to Starbucks creates dangerous traffic situations
Dear Editor:
We all like our cup of Joe in the morning, but for a while now a dangerous traffic situation has been appearing on Fairchild Street during the morning commute due to … coffee.
The Starbucks on Fairchild has superb coffee and a friendly staff, but during the morning commute, eager clients will gladly block the adjacent streets when the drive-through lane is full with cars. Sometimes from both directions. Commuters trying to get to work will try to pass and dangerous traffic
situations ensue. It seems this issue can be resolved by putting “DO NOT BLOCK THE ROAD” signs up, and by encouraging clients to park their car to get that delicious cup of Starbucks coffee.
Marc Van Baar
Works on Daniel Island
Sell Santee Cooper to remove debt burden from ratepayers
Dear Editor:
South Carolina legislators officially now have two paths forward with three options for how to address the $3.6 billion of debt owed by Santee Cooper and electric cooperative ratepayers for the nuclear project debacle in Fairfield County.
The first path is to make the ratepayers pay all that debt that resulted from mismanagement by Santee Cooper executives and board. Keeping Santee Cooper as a state agency (option #1) or letting Dominion Energy take over some management positions of the public utility (option #2) doesn’t take the $3.6 billion debt obligation off the backs of the ratepayers.
Only the second path forward (option #3) will lift the debt burden off ratepayers by selling Santee Cooper to a large private utility with a proven track record of making sound business decisions that saves their ratepayers money.
NextEra proposes to not only absorb the nuclear debt but an additional $4 billion of Santee Cooper’s other debt. Plus, NextEra offers to pay back ratepayers for the money they already paid for the failed nuclear project.
The South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce supports selling Santee Cooper to provide certainty to South Carolina businesses and remove the debt burden from all Santee Cooper ratepayers.
Frank Knapp Jr.
South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce
Elizabeth Warren for President
Dear Editor:
I have worked in politics and on campaigns, off and on for 20 years, since I was 19, constantly in search of a candidate who is inspirational, wise, thoughtful, brilliant, authentic, idealistic yet realistic, visionary yet practical, tough yet compassionate, a leader of honesty and integrity, a president who is a strong leader yet also “one of the people.” I finally found my candidate — Elizabeth Warren.
I have been through a lot these past few years, battling tragedy, loss, illness — just as our country has been through a lot. Elizabeth inspires me, she lifts me up, and she can do that for this whole country. We need a president who inspires us to believe that great things are still possible, that big dreams are attainable, that hard work pays off, that no one is left behind — a president who will work their heart out to help make these truths, dreams, ideas, and ideals a reality for all Americans. If my mom were still living, she and I would vote for Elizabeth together. I stand with Elizabeth, knowing and believing that my mom is by my side, and trusting Elizabeth to be by my side — and by the side of all of us — when she is president. A president truly of, by, and for the people. President Elizabeth Warren. Gosh, that sounds awesome! Let’s make history, South Carolina. Let’s dream big and work hard — together!
Michelle Lindsey
Daniel Island

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