Letters to the Editor - January 16, 2020

Rebuttal to Mayor Riley’s defense of Cunningham Impeachment Vote

Joe Riley says “the facts are clear.” However, he conveniently leaves out the fact that aid was indeed provided to Ukraine within the Congressional mandated timeline and the Ukraine had no knowledge or concerns about when they would receive military aid. There was no bribery and no Quid Pro Quo. Remember all President Obama sent Ukraine to defend themselves was blankets.

Second, it’s not obstruction of Congress as the President has every right to exercise Executive Privilege to refuse a request to provide information and witnesses without the House issuing subpoenas, which they declined to do.

Matt Gaetz (R-FL) stated that Nancy Pelosi told the 31 Dems in districts won by Donald Trump that they would not receive any DCCC funding unless they voted for Trump’s impeachment. That’s extortion!

Mayor Joe. I’m sorry but it’s is not a matter of political courage, but an act of partisanship when Joe Cunningham sides with his party when the House has no case.

If the Democrats really did have a case, then why did Pelosi withhold these so-called articles of impeachment from the Senate until Mitch McConnell threatened to dismiss them?

The House impeachment resolution will suffer a quick defeat in the Senate. This whole Trump impeachment hoax is a stupid partisan scheme that will backfire and the Democrats will pay the consequences at the ballot box.

Jim Wasson, Ph.D.

Daniel Island

Cunningham does Pelosi’s Bidding

When Joe Cunningham ran for our Congressional seat, he said that he would be an independent voice for the people of this district. What he has done, however, is consistently voted with Nancy Pelosi and the radical wing of the Democratic party.

The impeachment circus is the latest example. Since President Trump was voted into office, Democrats have resisted him at every turn, never giving him a chance, and looking for any opportunity to remove a duly elected president from office (Russia, collusion, etc.). Instead of doing the work of the American people, like voting on a drug pricing bill that was on their desks, and could have passed with bipartisan support, politics took precedence. We are then told that impeachment, a partisan circus where witnesses requested by Republicans were refused, and which received not one Republican vote and several Democrats voted no, had to be rushed because the president posed such an imminent danger. Yet, as we sit here today, these same articles were delayed being submitted to the Senate. Where is the rush? The truth is that this has never been about anything other than trying to reverse the results of an election.

Joe Cunningham is not showing courage by voting with Pelosi, again. He knows that, like his last election, where money and people poured in from out of state to support him, he needs the money that her Democratic party controls. Without his vote, he doesn’t get Pelosi’s money and support. That is not courage; that is political expediency.

This district deserves better. Fortunately, we will have a chance in November to elect Nancy Mace and to begin to end the ridiculous circus in Washington, and to do the work of the people.

Michael C. Hoehn

Daniel Island

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