Letters to the Editor - July 18, 2019

Inspiration - take the first step

Walk on a treadmill for five minutes. Run for two minutes. Repeat. Run for five minutes. Walk for two. Repeat. Run two miles. Three miles. Five miles.

Ten miles. Fifteen miles. Run a marathon. Run two. Run three. Run the Boston Marathon. Make your fourteenth event The Great Wall of China Marathon. Win the Women’s Division of The Great Wall of China Marathon.

All of these achievements were done by one woman. The climb from a two-minute walk on a treadmill to The Great Wall of China was nine years.

She has more marathons ahead of her. She is still moving forward.

Before she ran The Great Wall, the airline lost her luggage. The only shoes she could buy were too small for her feet. She did not know that most of the marathon was run on (non-engineered) stairs. She won. She is an inspiration. Even if you have no desire to run, know that your goals can be achieved. She is proof of it. Pull inspiration from Kali Kavey - she lives right here in Mt. Pleasant. Congratulate her if you meet her and be inspired to do what you want to achieve.

Elizabeth Anderson
Daniel Island

Candidate offers proposal for enhancing pedestrian/cyclist safety at new roundabout

As the roundabout nears completion, many parents have voiced concerns about pedestrian and cycling safety. The most frequent comment is the concern about children being able to safely navigate the crosswalks while depending on the moving traffic to “yield” as they attempt to cross Seven Farms Drive and Daniel Island Drive. My goal as your next member of Charleston City Council is to ensure public safety for all residents by offering common sense and comprehensive solutions to resident concerns.

To that end, I have drafted a proposal that offers a comprehensive alternative to those pedestrians and children on bicycles who desire to avoid navigating the roundabout.

• The City of Charleston ought to extend the sidewalk on Daniel Island Drive (next to Providence Baptist Church) to Cape Street (behind Daniel Island Academy) and add a crosswalk connecting this new sidewalk to the existing trail system maintained by the DI Community Association.

• My proposal calls for the City to install four way stop signs at the intersection of Barfield Street and Daniel Island Drive along with accompanying crosswalks.

• I envision removing the stop sign on Daniel Island Drive at Mazo Street to maintain consistent traffic flow through that stretch of Daniel Island Drive based on the addition of stop signs at Barfield Street.

• Street lamps should be added at the crosswalks located at Pier View Street since it is difficult to notice pedestrians entering the crosswalk at night.

• Finally, my proposal includes anchoring three feet tall “State Law Requires Drivers Stop for Pedestrians” within these new crosswalks on Daniel Island Drive, along with the existing crosswalks on Pier View Street and at Mazo Street.

• For that matter, we should anchor these signs in additional crosswalks throughout Daniel Island to increase visibility and awareness among all drivers.

The intent behind my proposal is to provide a comprehensive and safe alternative to those pedestrians and cyclists who do not wish to cross the busy intersection at the roundabout and to illuminate the crosswalks near the Daniel Island Grille. I will work with the City’s Traffic and Transportation Department to determine the feasibility of this proposal with the hopes of having it completed before the end of the year.

Of course, none of this can be accomplished without your input and support. So feel free to call me at (843) 817-4443 or email me at shawn@shawnpinkston.com to share your thoughts regarding this proposal. I look forward to hearing from you.

Shawn Pinkston
Daniel Island
Candidate for Charleston City Council

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