Letters to the Editor - November 29, 2018


Zero guns stolen from unlocked cars on Daniel Island is the goal for Arm-In-Arm’s Gun Ownership Project. In our meeting with Charleston Police Chief Reynolds two months ago, he expressed that one of the most frustrating aspects of gun issues are guns stolen from unlocked cars. As Chief Reynolds shared, these stolen guns are invariably used in crimes. Across the city and on Daniel Island guns stolen from unlocked cars are a regular occurrence. Police track these incidents. Therefore, we can measure improvement in reducing this dangerous situation.

Arm-In-Arm (South Carolinians for Responsible Gun Ownership) has borrowed the bold concept of achieving zero guns stolen from unlocked cars from world-renowned neuropsychiatrist, Dr. Ed Coffey. Dr. Coffey met with Arm-In-Arm and explained his innovative work at the Henry Ford Health System, where he implemented a zero suicide program. He shared that when you have a bold goal it changes the paradigm, the strategies and re-energizes staff and communities to focus on proactive prevention. This model can be applied to other public health issues. Over a 10 year period at the Henry Ford Health System under Dr. Coffey’s leadership, suicides were dramatically reduced and one year zero suicides were achieved.

Guns stolen from unlocked cars is not about politics, it’s not about the second amendment, this is about personal responsibility.

Let’s go bold and dramatically reduce firearms stolen out of unlocked cars on Daniel Island. Simple proactive steps can be taken by every community member to keep our children and families safe in order to achieve this goal.

Arm-In-Arm is an organization focused on keeping our children and families safe from gun violence. We support Second Amendment rights, the tradition of gun ownership in SC and daily efforts to bring gun owners and non-gun owners together to search for remedies to preventatively reduce gun violence in SC.

Arm-In-Arm is beginning a campaign which is dedicating 2019 as: The Year Of Responsible Gun Ownership in SC.

Taking personal responsibility for safe storage of our firearms and encouraging others to do so as well is a public safety tool we can all use, starting today!

Peter Zalka, Board Chairman Arm-In-Arm, www.arminarmsc.org


I read the article “Berkeley County Votes to Fire Tim Callanan” very closely as it concerned a friend of mine. I have known Tim as a Councilman, Party Chair, community leader, husband, father, and friend for the last eight years. He has been an upstanding neighbor on this island for 16 years and I would ask all to withhold judgement prior to his response.

The article fairly reports on accusations made against Tim but by politicians at odds with the outgoing administration. Council meetings have been raucous and have been directed into executive session, which means discussion, facts, and context beyond our reach. While politicians use terms of misconduct and misappropriation of funds and future investigations, my careful reading of the article finds the issue to be Tim accepting a severance package. Everything else is political bluster.

In my experience with Tim, he has earned the benefit of the doubt. I hope you will join me in withholding judgement as all the facts are considered.

James Poch, Daniel Island

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