Letters to the Editor - November 7, 2019

Two Thumbs Up for DI Trick or Treaters

This year’s version of Halloween on Daniel Island was particularly noteworthy from our front porch. We saw many colorful costumes from both kids and their parents. We also saw families pulling wagons or driving decked-out golf cars. There were many princesses, a couple of Captain Americas, a bunch of costumed athletes, and there was one Buzz Lightyear.

But the thing that stood out to us was the excellent manners of the kids trick or treating. Many said, “Yes sir, yes ma’am, and thank you.” Most would reach into the bucket for candy, politely getting just one treat or would ask politely how many. But there was one little princess on Beresford Creek Street who refused to take more than one candy. She said, “No sir, one is enough. My bucket is almost full.” To say the least, we were most impressed.

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spend an estimated $2.6 billion on candy for Halloween and the day has become the nation’s second-largest commercial holiday. Well that’s impressive.

But the most impressive thing we witnessed this year were the words of kindness and politeness of our future leaders of America. We all have heard the dark stories of Halloween with the handful of bad actors who have tarnished this day of neighborhood giving. But this year, we celebrate the youth of America and the example we witnessed on the streets of Daniel Island. Way to go parents! Way to go DI princesses, Captain Americas, athletes, and that one Buzz Lightyear! Our future is in good hands. Two thumbs up, DI families!

Alan Garner

Daniel Island

Candidate letters to the editor called into question

As a regular reader of the DI News I was more than a little surprised to read your October 24 “Letters to the Editor” page. Not one but three endorsements for a political candidate. Question: Was the promo piece that Angela Black Drake ran on the front of your October 31 issue free or paid? Given its nature, I’ll assume it was paid. How then do you justify running free political endorsements for Marie Delcioppo on your “Letters to the Editor” page? Since when does the “Letters to the Editor” page of any respected newspaper become a forum for FREE political advertisements? At least The New York Times puts this on the “Opinion” page. Regardless of who you are voting for, this breach of journalistic professionalism shows poor judgment on the part of The Daniel Island News. Or maybe it is just your circuitous way of endorsing a candidate.

Nicholas Pappas

Daniel Island

Editor’s reply: The letters to the editor section of The Daniel Island News does appear on the opinion page. Advertising — such as the front page sticker referenced in the letter — as well as display advertising, is paid for and controlled by the candidate. Letters are submitted by readers, are published without cost, and do not reflect the opinions of the editors of the paper. It has always been the policy at our paper, and at most newspapers, to print letters from citizens stating why they support a political candidate. Any reader has the opportunity to submit a letter, in a timely fashion, in support of a candidate they prefer. In this particular situation, we published all the letters that were submitted within our deadlines. We do not publish letters regarding candidates the week of the election, nor do we accept letters submitted by a candidate’s immediate family members.

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