Letters to the Editor - October 18, 2018

READER SEES 'GREAT IMPLICATIONS' FOR UPCOMING ELECTION I am 75 years old and do not believe that I have ever witnessed a midterm election with greater implications than the upcoming November 6th election. The House race in SC District 1 between Joe Cunningham and Katie Arrington is only a microcosm of what is going in Congressional races across the country. Both candidates seem to be fairly well qualified, but sadly our decision will not be based solely on the qualification of the two candidates. The reality is that when Mr. Cunningham or Ms. Arrington arrive in Washington they will quickly become votes for the platform of their respective party. If the Democrat candidate wins, Nancy Pelosi will be quick to explain how the Democrat platform is better and must be supported by all Democrats. He will be told that if he does not get in line he will be an outcast and will not be around long. Then basically the same message will be delivered to Ms. Arrington by her party leadership. This is the reality so do not be naïve and believe either of them can exist as an independent representative that does not march to the beat established by their party leadership.

The real decision we must make in the House and Senate races this year should be based on which party best represents what we think is best for the American people and future of our Constitutional Republic. If the Democrats pick up 23 seats in the House and gain a majority, they have stated they will begin impeachment of President Trump and Justice Kavanaugh. They have provided no facts that would support impeachment, but facts do not matter to them. They will bog the Congress down in the next couple of years, so they cannot do the business of the people. This would slow the booming economy under the current administration, which features record low unemployment, surging wages, small business growth, and record stock market achievements. The Democrat leadership is on record saying that they will reverse the tax cuts that were implemented. They are the party that wants to have open borders and support elimination of ICE. They are the party that will not oppose the illegal immigrants and drugs crossing our Southern border which creates more crime and drug abuse problems. They are the party that wants to expand the welfare system that is financially bankrupting our nation. They’re the party that believes our wonderful Constitution is outdated and should be rewritten. They are the party that believes government is the answer and your individual rights must be subservient to what is best for the party.

I believe in the current administration’s economic, military, foreign policies, protection of our Constitution, control of our borders and prioritization of the safety of our citizens. Therefore, I hope you agree and vote for Katie Arrington. We cannot allow the Democrat party to gain leadership again and continue their march towards socialism in America.

E. Mac McBride

Daniel Island


Thank you to both the Daniel Island Historical Society and the Daniel Island Property Owners’ Association for making it happen - a historical marker at the entrance to Bellinger Island. What a gem of a site located in the Codner’s Ferry Park neighborhood of Daniel Island, adjacent to the Beresford Creek boat landing. Three Bellingers - Edmund, Benjamin and Walter - starting as early as 1694, played a key role in the history of our fine surroundings. I encourage all residents to check out the new signage and take a stroll on the trail around the scenic little island.

Mark W Haebig

Daniel Island

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