Letters to the Editor - September 9, 2021

Eliminate the eyesores 
Kudos on the article this week on Clean Sweep and congratulations to Andrea Kelly and the other volunteers who are investing their time and energy in making our outdoor environment so much nicer than it would otherwise be. 
At the same time, I wonder why the island has been so unsuccessful in getting the utilities that serve us to maintain their equipment in better condition and not be the eyesores that they have become. Three such examples are within half a mile of The Daniel Island News office in the center of the Daniel Island business district. Two of them are within the River Landing block in which your office is located and a third is just down Seven Farms Drive, at the far side of the lake that is beside DIG — and they have been like that for years, not just days or months.
Having unsightly items like these may be tolerated in big cities, but they should not be tolerated in a Daniel Island community that takes such pride in the beauty of their environment. 
Robert H. Peiffer, Daniel Island 
Remember when?
Close your eyes and picture last year. Perhaps you see your makeshift office in the closet because it was the quietest place in the house. Or maybe your child is at their desk completing virtual assignments or you picture neighborhood walks and waving to friends instead of shaking hands. If your child attended school in-person, perhaps you recall staggered start times, temperature checks and more time outside. We easily remember this time because it was so different from ‘normal.’ Maybe you also remember this spring when we could re-hug our family and friends, or your excitement after booking that long-awaited trip, or when you felt comfortable removing your mask inside. 
But, do you remember what it took to get there? It took community activism or our collective action to subvert the grips of this terrible virus. We stayed home more, went outside more, masked, kept our distance, tested and when the time came, we got our vaccine. We did these things for ourselves, families, frontline workers and community. We are again in the throes of a horrible surge, but this time the virus is easier to catch and impacting younger people. While these memories are so vivid, we cannot forget how to turn things around. 
It’s time to activate again, as a community, to save lives, prevent illness and return to a new normal. For anyone who has lost or is caring for someone impacted by this virus, I’m truly sorry. Let’s work together to prevent additional heartbreak for everyone.
Leslie Hart, Daniel Island

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