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This week is National Physicians Week and Monday, March 30, was National Doctors’ Day. As we witness the medical situations that have played out in hospitals in New York City, Italy, and other novel coronavirus hotspots across the world, we become keenly aware of the importance of doctors and all medical care providers in our community.
The frontline COVID-19 health care professionals are sacrificing their own health for our greater good. Let’s thank our medical providers personally and by following the stay-at-home and social distancing rules. Doing so saves lives!
At The Daniel Island News, we are asking our readers to email photos and words of thanks for our local medical providers and we will share them on our social media, website, e-newsletter and in print as appropriate. Please send to sdetar@thedaniel
It’s reassuring to see how our communities — from the local, county, state, national and international levels — are using ingenuity and creativity to solve the problems presented by our new life in a COVID-19 world. Reports of how inventors have reconfigured ventilators from single patient to multiple patient use, of how seamstresses are sewing medical masks, and how scientists are testing and finding treatments and perhaps a vaccine, are encouraging.
Equally encouraging is how people in our own community are responding. Locals are sewing masks. Residents are donating separate living quarters and unused homes for medical care providers, as outlined by Tricia Peterson’s letter below. And businesses are adapting. Whether it’s using
Zoom or Slack to communicate with coworkers, gyms coming up with online classes, brick and mortar stores building e-merchant systems, grocery stores and restaurants creating delivery systems — all this ingenuity and creativity shows how we don’t throw our hands up and give up but power onward and forward.
In that spirit, the paper’s first e-newsletter, “The Current” went out on Monday evening to our 3,500-plus email subscribers. The top stories included an update about the CARES Act, the financial package passed by Congress, and a feature about a local social group. To sign up to receive The Current – distribution planned for Monday and Friday evenings – email with the subject line “e-newsletter” and she will add you to the list. The Current will contain the latest news about the coronavirus and articles about our community that don’t fit in our scaled-backed print edition. We are also looking for sponsors for The Current. Contact to support this worthy endeavor that keeps readers informed and engaged with the most current local happenings.
As we follow stay-at-home guidelines, it is important to remember that outside exercise is permitted and encouraged so long as performed in accordance with the 6-foot social distancing rule. Exercise is important for our mental and physical health and I am encouraged to see so many fellow residents out on the paths and sidewalks walking and running.
Another sign of encouragement is the chalk messages that have popped up on various sidewalks, along fences and on homemade signs. On Monday, my morning run took me through the Codner’s Ferry neighborhood. As I rounded the pond enclosed by Beresford Creek and Courier Streets, I received extra encouragement from chalk notes that were placed around the walk that read “You are loved,” “You are special,” “You are Strong,” and “God loves you.” These messages not only helped me quicken my pace but, more importantly, helped me feel connected to and encouraged by my fellow citizens.
Be like the people who wrote these notes. Be encouragers.
And let’s not forget about the importance of having a little fun. Our sports writer Phil Bowman and I had fun last week as we disagreed and ribbed each other about what films should be on the list of the Top 10 Baseball Movies of all time. Phil’s column this week, in honor of what would have been opening day for Major League Baseball, outlines his top picks. Check them out on page 18 and be sure to let him know that he should have included “A League of their Own,” “The Sandlot,” and my all-time favorite baseball movie — the original “Bad News Bears” with Tatum O’Neill and Walter Matthau.


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