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COVID-19 has changed all of our daily lives. One thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to bringing news and features to you each week. Our writers, designers and sales people are working from home and our carriers are taking safety precautions as we continue to provide this content to you.

As a reader of the paper, you may have noticed that we often convey a theme throughout the paper. We set the weekly themes in November of the previous year and assign them to writers, sometimes weeks in advance. Sometimes those planned themes are bumped as important news or different ideas come to mind.

Last week we focused on spring home and garden ideas. This week, several of our articles focus on seniors. Always, our mission is to spotlight hyper-local stories to keep our readers informed, entertained, and connected with what is happening in the community.

We plan to carry on as usual through these uncertain times – to cover the people, places and events that spike interest, educate, and remind us of why we call Daniel Island and the Cainhoy area home.

Due to a drop in advertising revenue, our print copy may be smaller than usual. So in addition to our print copy, we plan to provide up-to-date COVID-19 coverage both in the weekly edition of the paper and in a daily e-newsletter. These newsletters also will include the type of quality features about people and businesses that you have come to expect from The Daniel Island News.

Finally, we are increasing our social media presence to promote our stories, our local businesses and advertisers, and to provide helpful information and fun interaction with our readers and followers.

The federal government and states that have already issued stay-at-home orders have exempted newspapers and other media and designated them as essential businesses. Mayor Tecklenburg is expected to ask City Council to issue a similar order after this edition goes to print. Like our counterparts in other states, we expect to continue publication as an essential business.

We will deliver the news.

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