Fall fishing just the right time for family fun

October is the ideal time for fall family fishing fun. With this in mind, I invited my brother Dave and his sons-in-law, Sean and Andrew, to fish with me. 
Our plan was to target redfish at low tide and switch to trout as the tide came in. We launched shortly after 8 a.m., just as the tide bottomed out. It was pretty breezy and conditions in the Wando River were not optimal. The constant wave action from the choppy conditions made the water clarity very poor. It is very difficult for a redfish to eat a lure that they cannot see. So, we set off in search of clear water.  
After checking a few locations, we found a wind sheltered bank with docks and reasonably clear water. I positioned the Pathfinder within casting distance of a dock and used the Spot Lock function of the trolling motor to hold us in place. Andrew cast a Z-Man
Finesse TRD on a 1/5-ounce NedLockZ jig to dock pilings and immediately hooked up. Unfortunately for Andrew, it was a tiny redfish. Sean, Dave and I immediately began giving Andrew a hard time. We all got a good laugh when Dave said it looked like a redfish but only smaller.
We were all still laughing when Sean and Andrew cast their lures to the dock. Boom! Both hooked up. While they were fighting their fish, I mentioned to Dave that there must be a million fish under that dock for Sean and Andrew to catch them so easily. This brought on another round of laughter. Between all the joking and laughing, we kept on catching redfish. After a while, I got to thinking there just may be a million fish hanging around this dock. However, when the tide started to rise, the million fish bite shut down. It
was time to focus on trout.
After a quick run to a marsh point with lots of oysters and nice clear water, we immediately began catching trout. It was not unusual for all four of us to be fighting a fish. Unfortunately, they looked like trout but only smaller. We enjoyed catching and releasing them.
We even had a “who could catch the smallest trout” contest.  Dave won. We laughed about how he had been preparing his whole life to win the smallest fish contest.
Did we catch a lot of high-quality fish? No. Did we have a lot of fall family fishing fun? Absolutely!  
Fishing is really good right now and it will be getting even better. So, collect your friends and family and go have some fall fishing fun.
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