A hero or a zero?

Tides are an important factor for consistent fishing success. Reading a tide chart and selecting the optimal time to fish is often the difference between being a hero or a zero. That was the case on Saturday when I narrowly escaped a zero.

The optimal tide was in the afternoon. However, I wanted to fish top water lures first thing in the morning. So, I disregarded the tide chart and went fishing before sunrise. As I launched my boat, the temperature was warm and a light rain was falling. Good conditions for top water fishing. Despite the excellent low light conditions, a top water bite never materialized. Fishing a less than optimal tide (in the rain), needing a coffee from Starbucks, and catching no fish had me kicking myself. Nothing is worse than knowing better but making the mistake anyway. Dejected, I abandoned top water and fished for a few hours using a Ned Rig. Fishing (or should I say catching) was slow. A few trout and a redfish were all I could manage.

On Friday, I did what the tide charts told me to do (and fished late in the afternoon). It was a stellar day. I released a bunch of trout and redfish. A couple of flounder were even invited home for supper. Completing an inshore slam was easy. Reflecting upon Friday’s success, I kicked myself even more on Saturday.

In an effort to help others learn from my mistakes, I am adding “Reading a Tide Chart” breakdown to the fishing class this Saturday from 9:30-11:30 a.m. at the Daniel Island Library. The class is full, but we can squeeze in another seat or two. If you would like to attend, please send me a note at captgregp@gmail.com.

Contact Captain Greg Peralta at captgregp@gmail.com or call (843) 224-0099.

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