Hot bite to continue as water temperature cooperates

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I did a lot of fishing with my family and friends. For the most part, the weather and the fish cooperated. On the day before Thanksgiving, conditions were optimal. So, my brother, Dave; his son-in-law, Sean; and our old family friend, Donna, decided to go fishing.

We launched the Pathfinder into the start of the outgoing tide and made a short run into Beresford Creek. Along the way, the depth finder consistently showed fish holding along depth transitions in 10-15 feet of water. Our first fishing location was a creek channel in 10 feet of water with a broken shell bottom. I cast a Z-Man TRD (Hot Snakes color) on a 1/5-ounce NedlockZ jig into the channel and let the current sweep the lure along the bottom. A solid thump announced that the fish were there and hungry.

For the next hour or so, we enjoyed a solid trout bite. On a regular basis, two or three of us would be fighting a trout simultaneously. Doubles and triples were commonplace. When we had multiple hook ups, the person who did not catch a fish caught a really hard time from everyone else. The joke-making was relentless and we all shared some really good laughs.

When the falling tide slowed down, the trout bite did as well. However, a quick move to another part of the channel put us on a hot redfish bite. Most of the fish were smaller in size but they were abundant. Multiple hook ups were the norm. Once all four us had a fish on the hook at the same time. Quads! Dave, Donna and I landed redfish. Unfortunately for Sean, his fish was a mullet. For some odd reason this was uproariously funny — well, at least to Dave, Donna and me. Sean took the verbal abuse well. To commemorate the moment, we took an impromptu selfie. We were all laughing so hard, it was difficult to get a good shot.

Fishing is great right now. The water temperature is 57 degrees and I expect the hot bite to continue until the water temperature falls below 52 degrees. The optimal fishing window is beginning to close so get out there while you still can. Catch a few fish and make fun of your friends.

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