Spotted sea trout are hungry and abundant

Recently, several people have inquired what our dog Brody is up to. They all laugh politely when I tell them about 60 pounds. Then they lower their voices and ask one of two questions. What is he investing in? Where are the fish? Life is always interesting with a fish-finding and stock-trading dog.
What is Brody investing in? Prior to the Federal Reserve raising interest rates, Brody moved into a cash-heavy position. He figured the subsequent volatility would provide a great buying opportunity. A few days later, Brody and I were fishing for trout and an alert came through on Brody’s iPhone. All fishing stopped and Brody placed orders for Lithium (LTHM). The next day, LTHM went up. Way up. Now, Brody refuses to eat “dog” food. Only USDA prime beef will do. Thankfully, he saves a “people” bag for me. Both of us are gaining weight.
As for fishing, Brody says if you fall out of the boat, you will probably land on a spotted sea trout. With the water temperature in the upper 70-degree range, the trout are hungry and abundant. Look for shallow oyster-laden areas that are adjacent to deeper water. Schools of trout congregate in the deeper water and move up to the shallows to feed. Particularly during low-light periods. First thing in the morning or late in the evening are best.  
The other day, Brody and I were fishing this pattern. The tide was rising and just beginning to inundate the oysters. Finger mullet and mud minnows were using the oyster bars for protection from predators, although not too effectively. Trout were picking off all the baitfish that swam a little too far from the oyster bars.  
Brody assessed the situation and gave me the “even you can catch fish here” look. I thought to myself, a fish-finding and stock-trading dog that thinks he is a comedian. Then, I cast my lure to the oyster bar.  
Boom. Hooked up. 
Unfortunately, the trout was tiny. Brody looked at the fish, then gave me the “looks like a trout but only smaller” look.  
I laughed at my own expense. Perhaps he really is a comedian?
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