Two-burger lunch leads to fishing trifecta

On Saturday, Brody and I set out to catch an inshore slam. Conditions were challenging. The water was extremely high due to the King Tide and the wind was howling. However, in November, fishing and catching are almost synonymous. So, Brody and I were supremely confident.  
We launched the Pathfinder around noon. Our plan was to hit the Wando Grille for lunch and then fuel up the boat at the marina. All was going according to plan until Brody ordered a second burger for dessert. We did not actually begin fishing until around 2 p.m. Of course, after a two-burger lunch, Brody was more interested in napping than finding fish. With the amazing fish-finding dog down for the count, I started fishing docks that were out of the wind.  
For the first hour, the action was slow, but I did manage to catch a trout and flounder. So, all I needed was a redfish to complete the inshore slam. With Brody still sleeping, this was easier said than done.  
With the sun getting low on the horizon, I was about to give up on the inshore slam. Thankfully, about then, Brody woke up. I slowly idled the Pathfinder past a long line of docks. When Brody ran up to the bow and barked at the trolling motor, it was time to fish. I positioned the boat down tide from the dock and cast a Z-Man Finesse TRD back to the dock pilings. After several casts to each dock piling without a single bite, I made a mental note to never let Brody order a second burger for dessert.  
As I contemplated my dog’s eating habits, I flipped one last cast to the dock and caught a tiny redfish. We took a quick selfie to commemorate the inshore slam and headed for home.
Brody slept all the way to the dock. No doubt dreaming of burgers at Wando Grille.  
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