VCO Face-Off! Fan Vs. Player

When it comes to professional tennis, both fans and players are certainly passionate about the sport! But who serves up the most correct answers to questions about the Volvo Car Open and its presence in Charleston? At last Saturday’s VCO Draw Party at Dockery’s on Daniel Island, we put fan Jim Ryan and VCO player Christina Mchale (World No. 86 - USA) to the test. Check out the results of the first Daniel Island News Fan Vs. Player Face-off below!


1. What was the name of the tournament before it became the Volvo Car Open?

2. Where did the tournament originate?

3. What year did it move to Daniel Island?

4. Who was the very first winner of the Family Circle Cup?

5. What did she earn for winning that event and why was it significant?

6. The 2017 VCO champion – Daria Kasatkina – hails from what country?

7. What is the total purse for the 2018 VCO?

8. What weather event impacted the Family Circle Cup in 2006, causing play to be delayed?

9. Who won the first car ever awarded to a VCO champion?

10. Who is the top seeded player taking part in this year’s VCO?

11. What is the size (number of players) for the singles draw?

Tennis Player Christina McHale’s answers (correct answers marked in bold)

Score: 8-3

1. Family Circle Cup

2. Hilton Head

3. 2001

4. Jennifer Capriati

5. $188,000

6. Russia

7. $700,000

8. Tornado

9. Sloane Stephens

10. Caroline Garcia

11. 56

Fan Jim Ryan’s answers (correct answers marked in bold)

Score: 4-7

1. Family Circle Cup

2. Hilton Head

3. 2001

4. Billy Jean King

5. $10,000

6. Czech

7. 1.1 million

8. Snow

9. Serena Williams

10. Sloane Stephens

11. 64


1. Family Circle Cup.

2. Hilton Head

3. 2001

4. Rosie Casals. Jennifer Capriati won the first championship played on Daniel Island and Billy Jean King never won the tournament, but Chris Evert won it a record 8 times!

5.Casals received a check for $30,000, which was the largest prize money payout awarded to a woman that year.

6. Russia

7. $800,000

8. A tornado!

9. Sloane Stephens

10. World No. 7 Caroline Garcia (France)

11. 64 is the size of the draw but there are 8 Byes, therefore only 56 players in the draw. We accepted both answers as correct. Both fan and player received correct responses.

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