Class of 2024's Sharpe and Dietrich credit BE’s community for their success

Bishop England High School is celebrating the achievements of the Class of 2024 and has announced its valedictorian and salutatorian for excelling academically and embodying the school’s values of integrity, leadership, and faith.

Niamh Sharpe - Valedictorian 
Niamh Sharpe’s journey at Bishop England has been characterized by her dedication, academic excellence, and commitment to her faith. As valedictorian, the graduate credited her success to the tight-knit community of the school.
“My favorite aspect of Bishop England is that there is a community of people who truly care about and support you,” she said. “Many of the teachers here have supported me and helped me grow. They discussed my failures and strengths when I could not see them myself. I felt as if I was appreciated for the person I was, not the grades I was getting.”
In addition to her academic achievements, Sharpe said her involvement in extracurricular activities, such as Youth in Government, enriched her high school experience.
“Attending the YIG conference during my time in Bishop England has been one of my most cherished memories. The mock trials I participated in have helped me develop my analytical skills and become a better public speaker.”
In addition to her academic resume, Sharpe said her journey of faith has been equally important.
“Attending a Catholic school has been a transformative experience for me,” she said. “Before my enrollment, my faith needed more depth and meaning. However, through my teachers’ guidance and my friends’ examples, I have understood our faith’s proper foundations.”
As a child, Sharpe wanted to be a veterinarian. Over the years, she said her passion for medicine has remained the same, though her career plans have changed from treating animals to treating humans.
Sharpe intends to enroll at Georgetown University to study human science and hopes to attend dentistry school to become an orthodontist.
She credits Bishop England for instilling in her the value of persistence and for providing a strong foundation to support her academic pursuits.
As she leaves Bishop England, Sharpe advises new students to step outside their comfort zones, take challenging classes, and participate in sports or clubs.
“Hard work and perseverance will lead to success!”
Reflecting on her success, she said being named valedictorian feels like the culmination of all the years of hard work she has put in. Addressing her classmates, she encouraged them, saying, “No one’s journey has been easy, and we have all overcome obstacles to reach our goals. Let’s celebrate our achievements together and look forward to a bright future!”
Thomas Dietrich - Salutatorian 
Thomas Dietrich’s journey at Bishop England has been marked by his faith, leadership, and athleticism.
As salutatorian, he credits his success to his faith.
“My faith has grown significantly while I’ve been at BE. I’ve realized that my faith is truly all that I need, and with it, I can do all things,” he said.
“Overall, my mom has played the most significant role in developing my spiritual life. She has always been there for me and taught me what it means to be a disciple of Christ.”
As a senior class representative, Dietrich has been involved in different sports teams, classes, and clubs, but his favorite part of attending Bishop England was the friends he made along the way.
“Having a solid group of friends that I knew I could trust helped me throughout my time at BE because I knew that I had people who had my back and would be there for me when I needed a helping hand, whether it be school-related or anything else.”
Beyond the classroom, Dietrich said some of his best memories have come from playing volleyball for the BE team that won the state championship two years in a row.
“We just went out there and had fun and had absolutely nothing to worry about,” he said. “The coaches and the players were amazing, and we made many memories together over those two years.”
His advice to future students?
“Don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone because that’s where memories and long-lasting friendships are made. Don’t let the school work consume you or overstress you; instead, get a healthy dose of it and study and do your homework. Don’t let it influence your emotions or your worth.”
Dietrich is preparing to attend Clemson University. Although he is undecided on a major, he is interested in a profession that will help people.
Reflecting on the past four years, he said, “I’ve learned many life lessons and skills at BE and will take them into my future. I will use them to help me succeed in college and my future career. I will strive to be the best version of myself and treat others with kindness and respect.”

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