Learn how to file a police report

We hope that you never need to file a police report. Unfortunately, sometimes crimes do occur and you may need to file a police report with us so that the crime can be thoroughly investigated. 
For in-progress crimes, please call 9-1-1. Otherwise, please call the non-emergency line and speak with a dispatcher. The non-emergency telephone number is 843-743-7200. 
Once the dispatcher has all of your information regarding the complaint, an officer will be dispatched to your location to conduct a field investigation and to file the police report. 
The Team 5 substation, which is located at 235 Seven Farms Drive, is not staffed at all times so individuals wishing to speak with an officer or file a police report should not come to the substation. Likewise, the telephone system in the Team 5 substation is not manned at all times. Therefore, all contact with the Charleston Police
Department should be initiated through our dispatch system by calling 843-743-7200.
Police reports should be filed anytime a crime has occurred. This can range from the most serious of crimes such as home invasions, robberies, and murders to vandalisms, bicycle thefts, and vehicle break-ins. 
An investigation cannot happen unless a police report has been filed which outlines exactly what happened. 
After contacting our dispatch center, an available patrol officer will be sent to your location to conduct a field investigation. This will include obtaining all the pertinent information such as the who, what, where, when, and why. 
It is recommended that you have as much of the information available upon the arrival of the officer. This includes vehicle information (license plate, VIN, make, model, etc.) or serial numbers for stolen property. 
We are also only able to take reports for crimes that occur within the City of Charleston. If a crime occurred outside of the city limits, the victim will need to contact a law enforcement representative from that location to file a report in their jurisdiction.
Once you have filed a police report, an investigator will make contact with you for a follow-up. This follow-up may include additional questions that the original responding officer did not ask or may include supplemental questions that will help further the investigation into the crime. 
If you have additional questions about your incident report once it is filed or you need to obtain a copy of the incident report, you can call the Charleston Police Department at 843-577-7434 and press #1 for the Records Department. You can also stop by the Records Department at the Charleston Police Department which is in
downtown Charleston at 180 Lockwood Boulevard. 
There is no cost for crime victims to obtain a copy of their incident reports. For other individuals, the cost of obtaining a police report is $5. Be sure and bring a state-issued ID/license so that your identity can be verified. 
Compiled by Elizabeth Horton 

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