As Beresford bridge construction starts, readers voice their concerns on the impact of roads closures

Poll question: Construction on the long-awaited replacement of the Beresford Creek bridge is underway with full road closures expected to start soon, cutting off Daniel Island Drive leading to St. Thomas Island Drive and Clements Ferry Road. How much will this affect your commute? And read more about the bridge construction on Page 2.
Comments: Share your thoughts on this project and other areas where road repairs are necessary.
• I am glad it is closing, if only temporarily. Big construction trucks are running across them wide open and through neighborhoods instead of using [River] Landing Drive to Seven Farms.
• The absolute WORST aspect of the bridge closure is the profound EFFECT the closure will have on the low-income people who live on St. Thomas Island. Councilman Gregg and/or the head of the project should be PERSONALLY responsible for transporting these people to Publix so that they can buy FOOD to EAT...
• It will be a major inconvenience especially since it is also the only decent way on and off the island when there are concerts and other events at Credit One. When school starts back the entire area of [Daniel Island] Drive and Seven Farms will be an absolute abomination.
• I know this is needed. I always like to go to the blessing box, by the church and it will be a little more inconvenient. It’s a nice short cut when there is a lot of traffic on 526
• This will have tremendous negative consequences any time there is an accident on 526.
• The fact that this bridge is expected to close entirely while they work is ridiculous. There should be no more than 7-14 days of closure, with 1 lane use for the remainder of their work. Blatant disregard for residents of Shell Ring and St Thomas Preserve, not to mention the issues with emergency services, ambulance, fire, etc.
• I do feel bad for the people this closure will affect. Also, I am concerned for all the diverted traffic at the intersection of Fairchild & DI Drive to enter the on ramp of I-526.
• There needs to be another bridge off of Daniel Island. This is a safety concern considering how backed up 526 is ALL the time.
• We can’t let things deteriorate to the point where vehicles can be damaged or the bad roadway starts causing accidents. It is also more cost effective in the long run.
• It’s unfortunate that it will take so long. This will increase the traffic on Seven Farms tremendously, so that’s concerning and I think this closure will add a lot of time onto your commute during certain hours.
• There is no way this should take 9 months. Entire highways have collapsed and been rebuilt in two months. I bet the I-95 collapse in Philly will be done long before this. Irresponsible to leave this access route closed for so long especially in hurricane season
• Happy to be inconvenienced so more people have more efficient access to emergency services.
• They should have done both bridges because in two or three years when they have to shut it down again I’m going to be really [upset].
• The frustration a lot of people feel is linked to the fact that there has been a years long unresolved issue with traffic, (especially trucks heading to the Wando terminal) blocking the only way on/off the island. There are times where people on island have an implicit understanding that it’s not even worth trying to leave because the traffic will double any journey time. The Beresford Creek bridge used to help at least a few people going to North Charleston to avoid some of the traffic coming from Mount Pleasant which seems to snarl up
around the Daniel island exit. That option is now gone. The construction work has to happen. The bridge is long past its use by date. But the traffic issues need fixing, too.
• 1. Please just a quick resurface, not a “mixed-use commercial apartment/shopping center” bridge. 2. Please have the county/city adjust Seven Farm Drive red light to EMPTY all traffic all the way back to Publix with each green cycle (not just 3 cars). 3. Detour same traffic through Fairchild and adjust those thru lights (to give preference) accordingly as well.
• 9 months is absolutely ridiculous for replacement of a 60-foot bridge. Especially considering the other construction projects on either side of it. Maybe make the developers chip in to get it done more quickly. The infrastructure does not support the additional projects and residents, and will most likely be inadequate immediately after completion. This is a solution for DI 5 years ago.
• I really wish they could find a way to make the timeline shorter, maybe this an all day/night working project!!
• The latest estimate I heard was that the bridge construction could take anywhere from 6 months to a year. That is a surprisingly long time considering that the Arthur Ravenel Cooper River bridge which is over 2 miles long was completed in 17 months.
• Disappointed but not surprised at the poor planning and poor upkeep of our bridges and roadways.
• This should have been done a few years ago. Why will it take months to complete? Nearly half of all the roads on Daniel Island are over 25 years old and in need of repaving. Waiting longer will only mean more significant and costly repairs.
• Cainhoy Road is a neglected road.
• The timeline seems awfully long.
• Poor timing during hurricane season.
• Obnoxious and it speaks to where we are as a nation. We moved here 12 years ago and the Berkeley County commissioner at that time told us that construction was “imminent.” And yet here we are with likely millions wasted on “environmental impact studies” and no bridge yet. Nobody despises China and their system of government more than me, but does anyone doubt that they would have a new 30-yard bridge replaced inside of two days? We are doomed.
• Island Park Drive from Seven Farms through River Landing needs to be repaved. I-526 from DI east to the end needs repaving.
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