Clements Ferry Road links communities

When I moved to Daniel Island in 1997, Clements Ferry Road was one lane in each direction with a pine forest hugging both sides of the road. A few homes and a business or two was tucked off the throughway. There was no shoulder and it felt like you were driving in a tunnel. Older residents of Cainhoy can recall when it was a dirt road and reflected a more tranquil, rural setting.
In 2004, when we ran our first feature on Clements Ferry Road and the Cainhoy region, we called it the “Last Frontier.” At the time, distribution of the paper was limited to Rew’s Run-In, the Mikasa factory (now Gildan), the marina and the few homes that were already built in the Peninsula and St. Thomas Point developments. Today our distribution to businesses, schools and homes in the area exceeds 2,500.
As our stories this week demonstrate, the highway is no longer a rural road but a major connection to many communities. The entire 29492 region is linked by schools, recreation, local governments, businesses, and relationships with family and friends. 
Some may see the expansion as a benefit, others as a harbinger to noise, traffic and loss of rural lifestyles. Whatever your perspective, the region continues to grow. In this week’s edition, learn about the businesses, schools, sports and residential growth that impact the area.

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