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Learn your fellow readers’ opinions about the issues on their minds as they prepare to vote in the 2020 general election. Here’s what readers told us:

Are you concerned about your safety amid the COVID-19 pandemic as you go to the polls?

Very concerned, so voting by mail 24%

Slightly concerned, so voting early or absentee 27%

Slightly concerned, but still voting in person 20%

No, and I’ll vote in person 29%

How long do you think it will take to finalize results, especially for the presidential election?
We’ll know election night. 15%
We’ll know the day after the election. 14%
We’ll know within a week. 41%
It will take weeks for a final decision. 21%
The battle will continue into the new year. 9%
Do you vote along party lines or do you cross party lines?
• I stay within my party for all candidates. 22%
• I lean towards my party, but will vote for some other candidates. 54%
• I vote independently and party affiliations don’t matter. 24%
Specific to South Carolina, there are several issues that are at the top of voters’ minds, but which one of the following is the most important to you on the state/local level. (Please pick only one.)
nfrastructure 25%
Transportation 2%
Growth & Development 33%
Taxes 10%
Education 22%
Other 8%
• Environment and that includes flooding, infrastructure, public transportation, port traffic (boat and truck) and exhaust
• Offshore drilling
• STOPPING ridiculous growth and development; overbuilding
Who are our respondents?
Age 60+      39%
Age 50-59   18%
Age 40-49   29%
Age 25-39   12%
Age 18-24   1%
Too young to vote, but I still care. 1%


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