Fashion in a time of COVID

In the past, the time and thought that I put into what I would wear for an evening out or a cocktail party seems to have evaporated into grabbing the clean pair of leggings and T-shirt that I wore yesterday, out of the dryer, and throwing the ones I am taking off into the wash — an easy rotation. 
Makeup — usually carefully applied — is only slapped on when I take a daily trip to the mailbox, grocery or to pick up carry out, my face covered with a medical mask.  
I may put in a tad bit more effort if someone is coming to fix the dishwasher or a toilet.
I am finding that my fashionista peers are operating according to similar fashion trends. Their creativity and flexibility makes me proud to be part of this group.
“No bra, no makeup, T-shirts and shorts,” says Susan. (Bra? What’s a bra? I haven’t seen one since March. Ahhh.)
Pam agrees with nixing the makeup and bra. “I’m reliving my youth — long stringy hair parted in the middle. As of now, I’m still shaving my legs!”
Athletic clothing and leggings are on trend. “I live in my Lululemons,” says Rosie.  
Comfy dresses are big! Sally and Jody love them. Jody calls her pandemic dresses her “daytime nightgowns.”
Dark glasses, masks and hats are showing up big time (yay masks!)
Jeanne has banned lipstick.
No makeup — no problem!
Speaking of masks — Angela loves the designer styles and everyone seems to feel good about being able to support so many worthy causes by buying them.
Lynn is sporting her ponytails and spandex and Betsy bought an expensive soft cotton robe and is definitely getting her money’s worth. “I never want to take it off! I love my baths, which I haven’t done in 40 years and soaking my feet since I’m not getting manis and pedis. I’m also so happy I went gray a long time ago — just letting my hair grow long.”
Now that’s not to say that all of our fashionistas are giving up their chic.
Carol says, “I keep wearing my makeup…my mother would never have gone without it!”
Elaine embellishes her work out clothes with scarves. “They come in handy for door knobs!”
“I’ve always been a girly girl, so why stop now,” says Donna, who loves nice clothes and jewelry and still wears them every day. “But makeup messes up my masks so I don’t wear it….I also made a homemade shield from a Pepsi bottle and headband. It’s quite stylish if I do say so myself.”
Glamour girl, Lynda says, “It makes me happy to think of what I’m going to wear so I still dress like I would for my regular activities. I love the online sales of tropical looks with pockets. I must have my phone for Zooming and Houseparty. Lots of apparel lines are offering pockets in skorts, dresses and even sleepwear for devices.”
Ruth Ann is a little disappointed in what she is not wearing — “two great new summer sweaters, white jeans and silk blouses,” but she has adapted to the easy comfy style of the times.
Adapting is what we do and we wear our big dresses, sweats, masks, hats and flip flops proudly.  What we don’t wear under them is our little secret and perhaps that keeps our allure and feminine mystique at an all time high.
I did take a peek at what’s new in fashion for the younger set — working-from-home moms and lots of teachers are stylin’ with scrubs. They aren’t just for medical personnel any more.
Ashley is going to match her clothes and masks for work and another teacher is looking into clear face shields so that her students can tell if she is serious or joking.

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